45 finish quantum dishwasher tablets £1.99 @ Co-op

45 finish quantum dishwasher tablets £1.99 @ Co-op

Found 23rd Jan 2015
FI bish quantum 45 dishwasher tablets reduced to clear in co-op. I asked the store supervisor if this was national and he said any stores who still have stock will have reduced them to clear as they are no longer in the shelf plans....
I bought 3 packs and still 3 packs on the shelf.

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Where are the hot votes?
Great deal, if any left. Hot
and thanks for the post.
Not national, £7.99 in our local co-op which is half price but not the £1.99 stated above..
no good £7.99 in our local co-op
and the hunt begins!
At £1.99 I would not of left any on shelf, pity not near me
Hi daisyb212,

Where is your "Local" store?

Have 4 within two miles of me NONE in any! NOT even at £7.99
I was in galashiels but tonight I'm going to check my local coop in Midlothian x
It's not centrally reduced. it's been done in store you can see by the ticket.
Remember Coop's are run by different society's in each area, so that is why their reductions are not generally available.
no wonder they are cheap? they're Fibish?
i dont think they ever existed
Not National £7.99 in our local. They have no clue as usual from manager/supervisor/staff. There was a reason why I stopped and now resist going to Co-Op. Always overpriced to other supermarkets. Staff comment as even with staff discount normally overpriced so they go to other supermarkets for their shop too!
Ah that's a shame. I hope someone somewhere finds them reduced to clear. I checked another coop and they didn't have any at all. If your in galashiels tho get to the coop if u have s dishwasher!
£7.99 at mine too
that certain co op where this is from is not selling these dishwasher tablets anymore it doesn't necessarily mean all co ops r stopping selling these thats why there is a reduced to clear sticker on there
Amazing how sxxt like this gets so hot with next to no where selling at this price hukd yet another **** site
£7.99 in my local- got my hopes up as there was no price under them- gutted when assistant said 7.99- release the geese!
Heat added!!
Nice deal



Remember Coop's are run by different society's in each area, so that is … Remember Coop's are run by different society's in each area, so that is why their reductions are not generally available.

I think they have merged all in to one food store group, or at least just a couple compared to some years ago.
Wild goose chase!
Break dishwasher tablets in half - work just as well

Wild goose chase!

Wild goose chase? I thought all the
geese were on permanent standby
for Tesco offers !
Theres definitely at least 2 types of stores (Mid counties cooperative and the cooperative group). Possibly more...
How so I upload an image into comments? I found the same deal rtc 1.99 in the small coop in Mayfield.... went to the large one in Bonnyrigg and they were 7.99. I would try the smaller ones.. I just bought another two packs!! can upload receipts for 1.99 from 2 different stores if someone tells me how to add an image x x
this deal is cold, as it obvious that it is not national
Just been to my local store ( small one) found 2 packs - delighted until got to till as scanned at £7.99
the co-op is RUBBISH! there deals are never national they are only ever store specific
most of the time.
7.99 in Shanklin on the IOW
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