45 Minute Ferrari Driving Experience Around Belfast for £109 (64% Off) @ Groupon

45 Minute Ferrari Driving Experience Around Belfast for £109 (64% Off) @ Groupon

Found 17th Dec 2011
45 Minute Ferrari Driving Experience Around Belfast for £109 with Golden Moments (64% Off)
Prior to the advent of paving, the term ‘tar-mac’ referred to a sort of overcoat waterproofed with bitumen. Fashion a new path with today’s Groupon: £109 for a 45 minute Ferrari driving experience in Belfast with Golden Moments.

Surprising thrill-seekers with an array of offbeat pursuits, the Golden Moments team has over 10 years’ experience of providing activities ranging from hot air ballooning to rough and tumble zorbing. This intrepid company offers experiences across the UK and Ireland, furnishing clients with access to adventure, leisure, and lifestyle opportunities via a flexible voucher-based system. Golden Moments customers can even chat with one another on their own online community, exchanging videos, photos, and reviews of their experiences to help everyone make the most of their spare time.

Hot-rodding drivers can get into gear as they arrive near Junction 2 of the M2 for a comprehensive briefing on all safety protocols, as well as the route-plan of the 45 minute trip ahead. Strapping themselves into a sleekly-designed Ferrari 348, clients can begin a cruise of public roads in and around Belfast, testing this sports car’s spec along various environments including the famous Seven Mile Straight. Drivers will be accompanied by an expert observer at all times, while guests are welcome to watch as the Ferrari’s smooth acceleration and stable handling are put to slick use from the comfort of the pit stop.
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they're normally £99 on sites like red letter anyway
Maybe in Mainland but not in Northern Ireland. I bet all who voted Cold are from Mainland. Actually this is a first time I saw a Driving Experience with Ferrari in N.Ireland
enjoy the thrills of spending your 45 minutes in rush hour traffic:D
Ferrari 348?? Bit of an old model isnt it??
Careful now.
What's the minimum age you have to be?
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