45% off Tyres at E- tyres.co.uk

45% off Tyres at E- tyres.co.uk

Found 15th Sep 2007
Hope this helps !! or what they say...Every Little Helps

Tesco staff can also receive an additional 5% OFF, meaning that you could save up to 45%.

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so are the prices 40% off included?

as it appears to me that thier price is pretty much the same as every other company at normal prices? or do you apply a voucher?
Its knocked off pretty much when you click the link, maybe someone can compare prices with their set of wheels
225/45/18's bridgestones for me, £148 quid or so, same price as most places incl local fitters.
245/45/18 Toyos come in at about £20 over the price at Black Cirles and My Tyres.
mine werent too expensive. What's the code?

there is no code, you go thru the link at "Go to Deal"
I find E-tyres (even with this discount code) much more expensive than [url]www.mytyres.co.uk[/url] or [url]www.valuetyres.co.uk[/url] , especially 15inch+ tyres.
Seems more expensive than my local NATIONAL centre but then again the prices do include mobile fitting which can be a real bonus if you get a puncture.
I have found


the cheapest- they use along with others Formula One to fit.

Def. more expensive for me when I searched for 215/45/17s

Would post up the site but its been a good year or so, so can't remember it.
Def. do searches on different sites as its quick and easy.
very expensive, plus no major brands available.
Works out MORE expensive for me!

Oh well...

I find E-tyres (even with this discount code) much more expensive than … I find E-tyres (even with this discount code) much more expensive than ]www.mytyres.co.uk or ]www.valuetyres.co.uk , especially 15inch+ tyres.

Welcome to HUKD smokescreen
275/40R20Y Reinforced 4X4
Find out more... Quantity
£246.10 £233.80 inc VAT each
Fully fitted price, no hidden extras.

Fully fitted price black circle £229.36 so more expensive certainly not 40% off
Unfortunately they do seem expensive, but they do INCLUDE fitting ;-)

Having said that ]MyTyres are over £20 a corner cheaper for my car, I can definately get them fitted for less than that.
[url]www.tyreplus.co.uk[/url] appear to be reasonably priced fully fitted.
Lol 185/55/R15 H rated Continental Premium Contact 4 for 242 pounds.

I got four done for about 220 fitted locally and that was a while ago when the technology was new!
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