4.5 Tog Double Duvet £5.99

4.5 Tog Double Duvet £5.99

Found 11th Jun 2007
4.5 Tog Double Duvet.

cat no.1272631

£5.99 - pick up price

100% hollowfibre filling with 100% polypropylene cover.

Non allergenic.

Machine washable.


Is it on offer?

Original Poster

to be fair not everything on this site is on offer, its just the cheapest i could find and thought i'd share. If you find cheaper then thats good, but my duvet at the moment is heavy weight super size and its killing me lol

Thanks - been trying to get one
just called into Morrison's - none in stock and £2 dearer (£7.99)
Need this - el Scorchio!! .. NEED SLEEP :lazy:
Heat added - not that we need any more!
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