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Posted 4 October 2022

4.56 % AER 2 Year Fixed Saver Account , £10,000 min / £85,000 Max - FSCS Protected (Existing UK Current Account Required) @ SmartSave

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    Almost feels like a scam asking people to lock away that much for two years, when interest rates are only going one way. Or am I missing something?
    They are giving a higher rate to account for that.

    Although interest rates could very well change direction quite quickly. Government intervention to keep rates low is very possible given the issues rising rates can cause. We're in a weird time right now where we are trying to balance things that can't be balanced, we are trying to encourage saving, reduce inflation, prop up our currency, keep mortgage prices affordable, grow the economy while also adding lots of govt debt at the same time as increasing interest rates which then makes this govt debt more unaffordable. More government intervention to help try tackle some of these issues is very possible. There is a limit to how high they can increase rates without causing more issues and I think we might be getting close to that point.
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    No chance... Interest rates will be at 6% soon.
    Agreed anyone entering fixed rate deals is a mug
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    I would not go with this bank for one reason, No contact number.
    Thats fine as long as nothing goes wrong.
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    You need to be taking your cash out of the bank not putting it in. (edited)
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    You must be crazy to lock your money for this apr in these uncertain times
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    Don't do 2 years now...
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    I'd rather buy a bond over the counter.
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    Investec 4.15 apr fixed for 12 months for balance s between £5k to £250k
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    Never heard from f them but they’re fully fcsc protected so should be fine x
    Should be