47% OFF AND FREE SHIPPING (with abit of trickery) @AllSaintsShop

47% OFF AND FREE SHIPPING (with abit of trickery) @AllSaintsShop

Found 19th Dec 2008
ok, i hope this works out ok and my math is ok hehe

Allsaints are doing 3 offers
OFFER1: 30% off
OFFER3: spend £150 get £50 free

So if i wanted 2 pairs of boots costing £150 each (£300)
Remove the 30% from each pair £105 each = £210
remove the £50 FREE = £160 saving me a total of around 47% and free shipping!
Again i hope this works and my math is ok hehe, could work out more on other items.
and hope this is in the correct area.


How do you remove the £50?

Ahh, I see, you have to buy a £150 gift card and they'll boost it up to £200.

Edit: trouble here is that you've got to wait for them to post the card to you and then register it before you can spend it online, by which time the 30% sale might be finished.

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you could but it from the store local to you? and then use it online.
OR try calling them and see if they can sell it down the phon and give you the ID maybe?

Anyone actually attempted this. If so any success?

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yes me!
Went to the all saints store at trafford centre and got the £150+50 giftcard, activated online and added £10 to my order (making £210 sale costing me £160) got 2 pairs of boots worth £150 each
Saved me £140

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shame this i only got 5 degrees
30% Sales now over and other deal offer over.
And my boots are now back to £150 a pair
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