48 Luxury Toilet Rolls for £8 at Netto

48 Luxury Toilet Rolls for £8 at Netto

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From Monday April 20th. Netto have 24 packs of luxury toilet roll at £4.99, but you can buy 2 for £8. That works out at 17p per roll. That sounds like a good price for luxury loo roll.


I've seen them advertised but don't know the make.

Some of Netto's toilet rolls have very little paper to show for. You need to check the amount of square meter to compare (not the number of sheets, because they are different size on each make).

luxury at nettos?


I imagine they're actually rather bog standard.

My heart says no but my ar5e says yes.

My ar5e says no but my wallet says yes!



I imagine they're actually rather bog standard.

lol :thumbsup:

great for any IBS sufferers!

So thats 48 rolls for £8.......good for luxury ones.

I buy Sainsbury basics at just over a quid for 12.......so for £8 I would normally get almost double that at 84 rolls.....it's only gets flushed away so can't bring myself to buy luxury just for my bum :roll:

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luxury at nettos? hmmm

They were doing Charmin toilet rolls a few weeks ago: hotukdeals.com/ite…to/ That's a premium toilet tissue brand. :thumbsup:

Sounds like a shithot deal to me.

Sounds like a Cr*p deal to me :giggle:

wonder what the finger puncture rate is on these ?


farmfoods do 12 for £2


farmfoods do 12 for £2

If you eat from Farmfoods you can cut out the middle man and flush it straight down the loo without the loo roll.


farmfoods do 12 for £2

It is 9 rolls NOT 12 rolls at Farmfoods... they are good rolls though .. as good as Andrex and Kleenex.. so sadly after decades of using Andrex and Kleenex it has to be Nicky now at Farmfoods.. Farmfoods used to have the Kleenex 18 rolls for £5 as standard price.. so the Nicky ones are now 18 rolls for £4 for a quality as good as Andrex and Kleenex.... though I wished that the Nicky toilet roll is not scented!


To be judged, especially by “entrepreneurs”, might be wishful thinking on their part but to be valued by them on one’s private dilemma is revealing. Costco’s perennial “Kirkland” 48-roll pack @ £14 is a valued buy as each roll has 260 sheets, making it the equivalent of 78 rolls based on the typical 160-sheet roll or 18p/roll [and it is futile to gauge on the total paper area/coverage because the roll-sheet size can vary]. It might not cosset one’s soft spot as the “comfortables” [claim], but when used with water, it elicits withering sighs from the pliable, velvety airy-fairies. Every time.

I think you missed a bit ! :w00t:

Where is the nearist netto in Rotherham there is non in totherham
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