48 screme eggs £8 from Cadbury

48 screme eggs £8 from Cadbury

Found 18th Feb 2014
Bbe feb but good for way past that or easter egg hunts etc.
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Easter is the 20th April, these will be nearly 2 months out of date - Please don't invite anyone else's kids!!
They'll be 2 months past their best before but chocolate is good years after its BB date, the worst you're likely to see is a little bloom en.wikipedia.org/wik…oom but would doubt this at only 2 months, people get far to hung up on printed dates.
Plus £3.95 delivery
Yes the BBE dates are fine - these will be perfect for many months after.

But the price is rubbish for old Halloween stock!
Especially given the current Tesco CREME EGG price is the same!!!

Works out 6 for a. Pound which Is terrible considering they are so out of date
Same price for in date Creme Eggs at tesco. Just buy 4 lots of the 12 pack. No postage and are in date for 12 months.
Shame about the delivery cost on top, otherwise this would have been a good deal and I would have been in. Ice cold ice added X)
Says they are no longer in stock

Says they are no longer in stock

Reports indicate that several members of staff have been seen to be vomiting out the back...
There is also a report of a large que for the toilets....sorry we can't confirm any of this
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