48" Toshiba 48L3451DB smart Full HD LED TV £369 at Currys
48" Toshiba  48L3451DB  smart Full HD LED TV £369 at Currys

48" Toshiba 48L3451DB smart Full HD LED TV £369 at Currys

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This 48" Full HD TV (model 48L3451DB) comes with built-in Freeview HD tuner, and smart functionality such as access to BBC iPlayer and YouTube. 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports. Ethernet is standard, but you'll need an adaptor to connect to it via wifi.

May include offer for 12 free cinema tickets (check the T&C carefully to ensure you qualify)


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Here's the "small print" about the free cinema ticket promotion

Looked a good deal (especially as states 200 Hz processing rate), but this is actually only a 50hz TV...

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I presume the 200hz is referring to what Toshiba call "AMR200 picture processing". Here's the full spec from Toshiba's own site...

is this any good

Toshiba TV's not as good as the once were.

Was about to get this one month ago when it was 399 @ currys, but you have to buy adapter and comparing to samsung, lg or sony the graphics are awful. For additional 50-100 you can get a lot better samsung or lg. So we sticked to lg.

It's a vestel TV
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I bought a Toshiba smart TV about 8 months ago...
still regretting not taking it back


Toshiba TV's not as good as the once were.

Never had a once,were they good?oO


It's a vestel TV

I thought that was only the 32" and under?


It's a vestel TV

Yes, that would be my guess, too. With Toshiba marketing added, e.g. 4 * 50 Hz refresh rate makes 200 Hz "motion rate" :-).

Do not mistake this for a brand name TV - because it isn't.

DO NOT GOT THERE. We brought one for £549 may 2014. On boxing day 2014 the whole screen died. After a long dispute we got a refund from currys and brought a Samsung which has such a better frame rate. The toahiba looking back was terrible quality. Short life span and very cheaply made

3 HDMI, which is what I have in my old Samsung, all the recent TV's here have had only 2.

Seriously why do they manufacture 50hz only TVs. This means they need to make panels for the PAL market and different ones for NTSC zone. Surely it would make more sense to make panels that support both rather than manufacture two different ones.

TLDR I just want a discount TV that supports 60hz.

Seems a good deal, I didn't know Toshiba were still around, they used to be a good brand yeas ago. You can't get worse than LG

Bought this model In boxing day for 380 with wifi dongle. Looking great with all xbox one games I have. also watched LotR extended + 2 parts of hobbit and we're really happy with this tv. have very good refresh rate which is very important to me and my FPS games looking better than my old samsung 37ue5500 with 100hz. One thing is... Smart tv. slow but I'm not using it because of all xbox one functions. USB player with mkv support is perfect for all 1080p movies. generally - were very happy with our toshiba tv. I bought toshiba l50 month ago and it works great with tv through widi (not wifi). really good choice


Never had a once,were they good?oO

In the 80s and 90s Toshiba made some of the best CRTs around. Upon the dawn of the flat screen they fell behind the times a little offering less connectivity but higher resolutions at a higher price point. These days they seem to be operating in the space between the top end and the bottom. I would put them just below Panasonic / Sony who sit below LG / Samsung for me.

Not sure if you can use it with a sale item, but the O2 Priority deal is back... £25 off a £250 spend, £100 for £1,000 spend - be keen to know if anyone is able to take advantage as I'm after a LG 55" in the sale....

Went looking at this with a view to purchase. Was not impressed with the picture, thought it was blurred and washy, might have been a rogue tv, bad demo signal, dunno. Would be interested in any comments from an actual owner.
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