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480GB - Kioxia EXCERIA 2.5" SATA SSD (up to 555/540MB/s R/W) - £26.48 Delivered @ Amazon

£26.48£27.995% off
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Good price for this Dramless TLC SATA SSD.

About the item:

  • 555/540 MB/s Max Sequential Read/Write Speed1
  • Shock Resistant
  • 2.5 Inch, 7 mm Height Form Factor
  • SSD Utility Management Software

Upgrading from a hard disk drive (HDD) should be easy and affordable and that’s where EXCERIA SATA SSD series come in. Designed to boost the speed of your desktop or notebook PC over conventional HDDs, the EXCERIA SATA SSD series leverages BiCS FLASH, to deliver well-balanced performance, reliability, and value that will transform your desktop or mobile system.

  • Shock Resistant
  • 2.5-inch, 7mm Height Form Factor
  • SSD Utility Management Software

Performance Made Affordable
Upgrading to an SSD from a conventional HDD can feel like you've purchased an entirely new system. EXCERIA SATA SSD series balance cost and performance so you have enough funds left over for other.

Improved for On-the-go
Compared to hard disk drives, EXCERIA SATA SSD series also offer improved durability and power consumption, which can translate into longer battery life to keep you up and running longer.

Cutting Edge 3D Flash Memory
Each EXCERIA SSD is built with BiCS FLASH and a vertically stacked cell structure, delivering a cutting edge storage experience.

SSD Utility Management Software
SSD Utility is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) based management software tool designed to help you maintain, monitor and tune your SSD!

About Kioxia
KIOXIA Europe GmbH (formerly Toshiba Memory Europe GmbH)
is the European subsidiary of KIOXIA Corporation, a leading worldwide supplier of flash memory, solid state drives (SSDs) and software solutions. We are uniquely positioned with our broad product range to enable our customers to really drive their storage transformation.

From the invention of flash memory in 1984 to today’s BiCS FLASH 3D technology, KIOXIA continues to move the industry forward and has carved out a path to a new era
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    I got mine the other day for £28. Obviously depends on the source/destination drive's speed. But some examples are below.

    Real world speeds for transferring a 13GB file:-

    from External HDD, you're limited by the read speed of the HDD, so approx 160MB/s in my case.
    From an NVME or SATA SSD, should get you around 320MB/s until about 5-10 seconds from the end it slows to around 200MB/s, so this is limited by the write speed of this KIOXIA SSD.

    It's not a bad little drive, and for £26 it's a good deal I'd say... depending on your use case. Mine is for using on my USB to SATA adaptor for moving files around that either can't be done over the network or for files for my mobile etc. I was going to get a couple of 128GB USB flash drives, but the writing speeds were absolute crap, so I thought about getting a cheap drive like this instead, that was approx 3 times the price of the flash drive, but 4x the storage... and approx 30x the write speed... so wins all around.
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    Now down to £24.98 today..not reposted as its only been a few days!
    Thanks, but it's always better to post if there's more than a 5% drop. Just posted now. Thanks, Buddy.
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    Why do people still use sata ssds? Isn't it the time of nvme ssds? Same price for x6 speeds (edited)
    A lot of old laptops won't really benefit from NVME if they don't support it. (edited)
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    I had put a similar one of these in a PS4 and though I'm a PC gamer it makes the whole UI smoother and game loads for sure you can tell a big difference compared to the HDD
  5. Avatar
    Waiting for 1TB version to come down to £30 and then I will buy 😄
  6. Avatar
    note that this price is region specific it seems
  7. Avatar
    Of course the price went down after I ordered. Good deal.
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    What experiences of these drives can fellow members share?

    How do they compare to established options such as the MX500 or Samsung Evo's?
    MX500 and Samsung Evo are in a different class.

    These Kioxia don't have a DRAM set up so it will slow down signficiantly with large file transfers or transfering a lot of small files.
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    Making a decision on a boot drive for W11 for a desktop.

    Existing HDD will be kept.

    Need a reliable 1TB boot drive ssd
    for win11 + programs. Building in some breathing room as at least a 5 yr investment.

    Cheapest mx500 i can find is £65 ish. Can seem to find an evo anywhere close?
    The MX will be a much better buy than any of these cheap dramless drives, will also last longer since it uses the cache to better wear level alongside the speed boost in small file w/r
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    awesome deal, bought one of these before for a pc flip boot drive (edited)
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    Review of the 1TB model:

    Better than the really low end BX500 and 870 QVO overall.
    But you have to look at the data to see if it matches your workflow.
    They have different pros and cons possibly.

    For light weight usage this is fine.
    At this price the 3 year warranty doesn't bother me and that's probably the same as for the other two listed above.
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    Hiya, so I'm after a couple of replacement HDD for the kids old laptops for the misses & I to use. Does anyone know if these would be any good ?
    Chanx GB
  13. Avatar
    Yes, as long as the laptops are SATA 2.5" drive bays, then they're fine... real world usage as OS drive shouldn't be noticeably different from the big brands. (edited)
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    What’s the best free cloning software
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