Posted 26 December 2022

48m 600 App Controlled RGB LED Smart Christmas Lights from Twinkly - £119.99 (+£5.99 Delivery) @ Longacres

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An essential string light for any home this year! String lights are incredibly versatile and can be used to add light to many different areas of the home, from decorating a traditional Christmas tree, to adding a touch of festive cheer to windows or fences. What's more, you can use these lights year round, and not just at Christmas time. Perfect for adding ambient lighting to bedrooms or going all out for summer parties. They really are set to impress your guests year after year!

Fill your home with incredible lighting this Christmas with Twinkly indoor and outdoor lights. These innovative smart lighting solutions can be controlled through their Android & iOS app, making it easier than ever to customise your lighting display. Choose from a selection of effects, colours, sounds and gradient designs to make this a Christmas like no other. Use the app to map your lights and control each LED to have its own unique look or even draw your own designs!
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    That happened 2 years ago and wild goose chase, in store only. Also, as far as I'm aware £25 was for 150 lights. Better indeed than this deal, but no guarantee you'll ever find any. However, it's good to know.
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    Keep in mind these simply don’t work with mesh wifi networks.
    You should state that these simply don’t work with “your” mesh wifi network but seem to be absolutely fine with everyone else’s.
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    Not expecting to see lots of heat here because clearly most people don't know what these do and will not spend this amount on Christmas lights. However, given the RRP, I think this deal is reasonable. Could be better considering Christmas is over.
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    It may seem a lot of money for Christmas lights but for what they do a great price for the 600 light set. I already have some and will get more, can be used year round for any event and new effect are released through year.
    What height tree do you have for the 600 please? Wondering if 600 is enough for next year for my 10footer?
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    Nice. Cheaper than the Costco deal for the fake ones last year. Tempted
  6. Avatar
    I paid £200 for these in late autumn. Great price
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    Wow, shockingly bad promo video. That said the lights do look pretty cool!
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    Awesome set, thanks op. Been running 2 lots of 150 for the last 2 years. I'll get these.
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    I purchased a set in November and just couldn't get used to them, didn't put them up this time around, maybe next year 🙃

    Also purchased the 4m outdoor twinkly tree which is good
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    I bought a couple of sets of these on the 22rd but didn’t post them here because, you know, people.

    Anyway, these are a great and an absolute bargain considering their usual price.

    Well done OP for posting them too, you’re a braver person than me.
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    This is a great price for 600, is it not? Why the cold?
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    If you were invested in these then check this one out, especially if you are in London
  13. Avatar
    Came today, really happy!
  14. Avatar
    Haha, just came here to post this deal ! .
    Just ordered another 600 , that’s 2250 now across 6 sets
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