48x 330ml cans of IRN BRU £8 - Farmfoods

48x 330ml cans of IRN BRU £8 - Farmfoods

Found 21st Oct 2016Made hot 22nd Oct 2016
Just found in my local Farmfoods in Stoke on Trent 2 slabs of 24 cans of IRN BRU for £8.
The offer was well advertised in store and looked like it would be national. Best before date is March 18.


Fantastic price

Very nice

Dentist are making a killing.

nicely does it

nicely does it

ooooo I may pop in tomoz, Cheers!

B-----y awful stuff, but I suppose it is cheaper, but not tastier, than Domestos. This is definitely one item from North of the Border which should be turned back at Gretna.

still live
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