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49" G93SC Odyssey OLED Gaming Monitor - 32:9 - 5120 x 1440 - 240Hz - 0.03ms(GTG)

£18.59 from France ·
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Breathtaking screen, significantly cheaper than any UK outlets. Comes to ~£964 with a fee free card.

Astounding OLED performance brings gaming worlds to life with vibrant colors Astounding OLED performance brings gaming worlds to life with vibrant colors and unmatched luminescence.

A curved 49" screen in 32:9 wraps around to immerse you into games like never before.

With a hair-raising 0.03ms response time on the 240Hz screen, react to your opponent's every move quicker than ever on the lightning-fast screen.
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  1. pdpd's avatar
    Around £10 more at Costco uk. (edited)
  2. fr3dy77_sp33d's avatar
    What GPU required to use this at max quality?
    arfster's avatar
    Almost the same as running at 4k - it's about 10% fewer pixels.
  3. Madmonk600's avatar
    I've heard of a lot of issues with these panels, so I'd be quite wary of buying from overseas given the difficulty of returning. Apparently amazing monitors in the right use case though.
  4. denk's avatar
    For this amount of money you'd expect Samsung to have acceptable warranty policies
  5. tony76's avatar
    I have had this a while now best monitor I have owned worth every penny
  6. herohonda777's avatar
    Absolutely worth every penny!
  7. Macdory's avatar
    That's a big screen - running 34" Ultrawide and it feels about right. You will need to have Ultra-peripheral vision to use this ...
    huevox's avatar
    Perfect for fishes
  8. Alexandru_Dura's avatar
    49” ? I run 34 inch curved 4k and I’m trying to adjust and get used to it but 49 “ is overkill might as well get a tv at this point really
    ChampionshipManager's avatar
    It's not overkill it's like having two screens side by side with no borders.
  9. eshanmistry73's avatar
    Bought this on the previous deal and absolutely love it, nice step up from the 43" one and is usable still for productive since it doesn't have that 1000R curve the non OLED G9 monitors have (Although if you want it for just purely gaming may be a negative) 
  10. ChampionshipManager's avatar
    Best in the world at what it does.

    Been using this for months with zero issues.
  11. decrypted's avatar
    1 hell of a monitor, even at this steep price
  12. MrAkagi's avatar
    How is it a gaming monitor when most games don't even support ultra wide? Much more relevant for work, it's awesome having extra space on the same monitor instead of a second one. (edited)
    eshanmistry73's avatar
    All my games run completely fine on Ultrawide what do you mean most games dont support it? The only downside is some cut scenes will play in the regular ratio thats it.
  13. Itchycoo's avatar
    Can’t wait to play Animal Crossing on this beast!
  14. jim_r_mcintosh's avatar
    Would love to replace my old CRG49 but can't justify unless someone wants to give me £999 for it 😁
  15. Seh6345's avatar
    If I hadn't spent £726 on my 34" AW3423DWF in November 2022 then I would've got this for sure
    MrPisch's avatar
    be thankful your not the guy who paid £1450 for my one when they first came out
  16. nadx5's avatar
    Playing hellblade 2 senuas saga on this - honestly blown away such an amazing monitor.
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