49 Key Roll-Up Piano only £22.98 delivered!
49 Key Roll-Up Piano  only £22.98 delivered!

49 Key Roll-Up Piano only £22.98 delivered!

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I love this! It's a Roll-Up Piano - it's priced at £19.99 @ Macro, which is the price you would pay if you went to your local store, or you can get it delivered for £2.99 extra, which is the price I have included in the thread title. It reminds me of the massive one in the movie "Big" but I don't think it's quite as big as that!!

Details: For those who wish to learn the piano but have space restrictions, this fantastic piano may be just the solution! The portable nature of the piano means you can simply roll it up and take it with you and it weighs just 930g. The built-in speaker is loud enough for practice or performance in a small room, and the piano also has a speaker/headphone socket on the side of the control panel.


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Roll-Up Piano Information:

[*]An amazing 49-key 4 octave flexible piano!
[*]Folds up from 84cm in length fully extended to just 25 x 19 x 6cm in supplied carry case
[*]Features 100 different instruments and 100 background rhythms with fill-in effects
[*]Vibrato and sustain effects
[*]Powered by 4 x AA batteries (not included) or a 6Vdc 300mA power supply (not included)
[*]10 demo songs
[*]Headphone socket and volume control on side of control panel[/LIST]

Ah i love the movie Big, one of my fav's
Taking my daughter to New York next Christmas for a spot of shopping, i wanna go cause of the movie Big, she wants to go cause of Home Alone

If we don't find a giant playable piano & bugular contraptions we'll both be gutted...lol

Nice find though, always wanted to learn the piano but could never fit one in my flat, might be tempted

You won't be able to learn piano with that monstrosity! It's about as useful as a marshmallow guitar! Get yourself a standard keyboard instead:

Here's one at a good price. If you ignore the fact that it's a Casio with associated poor piano sound and no touch sensitivity, then that would be better to learn 'piano' on:


But really, you're not learning piano with a keyboard. You need a piano for that. You're learning keyboard. There's a difference!

If you're interested in learning piano but want something smaller than a piano, then you really need something with graded weighted, touch-sensitive keys. I can recommend the following:


This is quite small, so you could stick it in a corner when you're not using it. Casio have never quite sorted the quality of their piano tones, but if you can put up with that then it's cheap for what you get.

This is a corker, and you can get it slightly cheaper if you look around. The piano sound is very impressive and the action is nice. But it's a bit lardy:


Even more expensive and lardy, but with a slightly better touch, but (IMHO) lesser sound quality is this:


Hope you don't think I'm being cynical here, but I have had a keyboard for years and years and thought I could play quite decently. I've recently taken up classical piano and I suck. Suck bad. There is no way I could ever teach myself 'piano' on my own, and especially without a piano.

Find a local tutor and go for a month. It'll be less than £80. Then you'll get an inkling of what'll be required. It's a humbling experience!

Or learn electric guitar. It get more women!

I tried one in Amsterdam airport recently. They are fairly dreadful. You would be better off buying a recorder and learning to play that properly if you want a portable musical instrument.
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