4D Cell Maglite - £9.79 @ Halfords instore (using reserve & collect)
4D Cell Maglite - £9.79 @ Halfords instore (using reserve & collect)

4D Cell Maglite - £9.79 @ Halfords instore (using reserve & collect)

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Noticed this online and thought it was worth a buy, I'm aware these are not as powerful as the new LED versions, but at £10.00 it's gotta be worth it.

To get the price, you must reserve the item online. I believe the shelf edge still has £20+ on it.

Halfords has a wide range of Torches & Lanterns available at competitive prices. 4D Cell Maglite Torch Black is a leading brand globally recognised.

Features & Benefits
Limited Lifetime Guarantee
High-intensity adjustable light beam (spot to flood)
Recessed, pushbutton, self cleaning, 3 position switch
Andoized inside and out for improved corrosion resistance
Rugged, machined aluminium construction with knurled design
Innovative extended key lead allows the light beam and key to be used together in the same direction
Water and shock resistant
Spare lamp safely secured inside the tailcap
Peak candle power up to 23000

Word of warning - Be prepared to receive a call from your store advising that the stock you just reserved is not available (due to the staff taking a fancy to it themselves), this happened to me in the Airdrie store (allegedly!)

(forgot to take off the new vat saving, so a bit better at £9.79)


great for a stocking filler ...

Just reserved one, hopefully it will be there when I pass tomrorow.

Gotta get me a couple\ of these:)

LOL...just had my "Sorry out of stock" call....shame
less than 5 minutes after placing reservation...qwik

I've reserved mine, will collect it tonight!! (fingers crossed)

:gift: for my brother


Res cancelled -'stock error'!

True, they aint as good as the led versions, but still! A proper excellent piece of kit!!! Quality!

Hot! Reserved 2 for me and Dad - should be a bargain if they got in stock like my meguirs wash kit I got yesterday!

my other half reserved one at Burgess Hill...got there to find none in stock!
so they called Crawley...and apparently the staff member had 2 in his hands...
he drove there to find they didnt have any....
They said they "dont do them instore" apparently!!
Funny that....
I wonder if anyone has actually got one??

none in stock at Barrow,lancaster and kendal nearest one is preston and blackpool

I reserved mine in Bishopbriggs in Glasgow only to get the phone call that they didn't have any in stock (funny that). I asked who's actually showing stock of the item in Glasgow, to be told the Shettleston branch (Paisley and Cumbernauld have them too). I reserved online at Shettleston and made my way over... got there to see none on the shelf and spoke to the attendant who at first was going to suggest they may have none but after the conversation about Bishopbriggs and his shop showing stock, he went through the back of the shop, after about 15 mins he returned with the 2 i'd reserved.
Fantastic, Result!!
Thanks for posting, heat added

After the headache HellFrauds gave me when collecting the meguairs car care kit ... Im not even going to try and bother with this one.

Reserved 2 in Grimsby. None others in stock in the region.
Printed off confirmation.
Went straight to store, none on shelf, after 10 mins they appeared with 1.
Stock error was the reason given.
Took the One
Many Thanks to the OP.

£1 back from quidco for every reserve and collect

you can always upgrade if you want LEDs


might be ablr to get cheaper but is 17 quid on amazon

Excellent bit of kit in case you get mugged/ burgled/ car-jacked...

"Yes officer, he tripped and knocked his head against it, twice"


£1 back from quidco for every reserve and collect

That's argos

A better buy is the LED versions from Screwfix otherwise a later upgrade to LED is £17 extra from Amazon to get an upgrade kit.

A better buy for £18 is the 4 watt LED 2xD aluminium torch from Tesco.

Alternately they also have for £12 a 3 watt (same power as the Maglite LED) 2xC using the superlateive CREE LED.

Both £18 and £12 will be dropped in price to the new rate of VAT.



There is an error in the description section of the second link where it says the torch runs on 2 x D batteries, but the correct details are in the features section.


That's argos

Ooops:oops:...next deal on glasses please

so it seems Halfords has a nationwide problem with its online stock lists...
Im emailing customer services to advise them to sort it out...

Managed to reserve one in Southport last night, guess what, they have just called me to say the one they have in stock is broken!!!

Add me to the list.;-)


Excellent bit of kit in case you get mugged/ burgled/ car-jacked..."Yes … Excellent bit of kit in case you get mugged/ burgled/ car-jacked..."Yes officer, he tripped and knocked his head against it, twice"

Ha, that's why we've got one of these 4 cell Mags. I tried using rechargeable batteries in it but they're so light, it loses it's nice heavy feel. You could easily use it to protect yourself.

Note: If you do get one, you should find a spare bulb under the battery spring in the screw off end.

They seem to have them at Halfords Southampton. Just had a phonecall saying mine has been picked and is waiting for me.

Thanks OP, reservered last night and picked two up this morning (Plymouth).

The cashier couldn't find them out back. I thought here we go again, staff had nabbed them or Halfords stock system fails again.

I went back to the torch area,and found them "hidden or stored" under the shelving with a load of other stock.

They had one left and that was reserved.

One crimbo present sorted for father in law, and one for me from my daughter :-)

Thanks for the post.

Reserved one last night at thw Walsall branch and collected this morning.

No excuses from staff ... item was ready for collection.

NOTE: no batteries included ... but at this prics it is a real bargain.

Good luck to you all

None available in any of the Scottish stores within 100 miles of me!

Collected mine this morning thanks

Original Poster

Good to see some people are having some success with this.

On the note of converting to LED, is there anywhere around that sells a compatible conversion kit, or a way of doing a DIY conversion?

Nice one - got 2 - sales assistant handed them over under duress having said they had no stock and couldnt find my reservation - then lo and behold they were "found" under the till with the slips attached !!

I've just collect the one that were 'found' extra 10% online discount so £9 each - Halfrauds has been good recently....thanks to the poster
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