4ft Air Hockey Table - now just £14.99 delivered @ Woolworths!

4ft Air Hockey Table - now just £14.99 delivered @ Woolworths!

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This 4ft Air Hockey Table would make a great prezz! Its now just £14.99 delivered @ Woolworths! Click the go to deal link then search for 4ft Air Hockey Table

Plug-in and play! This fast and furious Gamepower 4ft Air Hockey Table comes with pucks and two hitters.

* Goal counter at both ends
* Includes 2 pucks and 2 hitters
* Mains operated


out of stock

its in stock! its the 5ft one thats out of stock

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out of stock

Still showing as in stock here, however the direct link is a bit dodgy so you may need to search manually for it - paste in 4ft Air Hockey Table to bring it up.

** edit - thanks PinkyPonk Driver

Aaaaah, shame the 5ft was out of stock. real shame, but I bought the 4ft one. My older lads birthday soon so will be perfect. Thanks OP

Good stuff!

thanks rep given

Does anyone know if it will be suitable for a 5 year old? It looks like a good buy for my nephew's birthday.

Thanks for this millarcat. I meant to get one when they were reduced to £25 so £19.99 with free delivery is great.

Much appreciated

Anyonw know if the legs can be folded away (so when it's being used, the whole thing can be stored away compactly)? It doesn't look as though they can from the picture.

Thanks thats going to be one happy little girl very soon

Would this be suitable for a 12 year old boy?

I've not seen one in action before!

Yes, got a my lil sis one last xmas and shes 9. She loved it so much.

Heat added :-) xx

This has been further reduced to £14.99 delivered

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This has been further reduced to £14.99 delivered

Fantastic! Thanks for the update Den38

just comming to post that

brought another one and will take the 19.99 one to woolies for a refund

It just arrived this morning....will set it up when I get home from work! Looks quite decent for £14.99...and have to say, I was most impressed with the delivery company that Woolies used, they phoned me a few times to give me updates of when delivery would be made, and called again this morning to let me know they'd be round in 15mins!

Not happy. I ordered the kids gazebbo which had said out of stock and two of the hockey tables. The out of stock gazebbo has turned up but the hockey tables have not. They say on my account that they have been delivered but they have not:x. How are wollies with their customer services?? Have the delivery men pinched them?? Will they believe me ??
When the gazebo go t delivered I did check with him and he said it was just one item and his little screen thing that I signed said one item. Not sure what to think.
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