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Posted 13 September 2023

Unlocked 4G Mobile WiFi Router (E6 Series) - 150 Mbps, White

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Value for money 4G Unlocked Mobile WiFi Router for £24.99 + Free Delivery

The 4G Mobile Wi-Fi Router is Unlocked to all mobile networks, making it the ideal travel companion and enabling you to use the sim card of your choice.
  • 2100mAh capacity battery
  • Unlocked to All networks
  • Perfect for travel
  • 4G download speed up to 150 Mbps


E6 series is cost competitive multi-mode indoor MIFI, compliant with 3GPPRelease 9, LTE 4G, 3G This multi-mode multi-band MIFI ensures operator to enjoy the cost-benefits over service and share of network. Multi-band LTE and UMTS. E6 series can support multiple bands crossing 4G, 3G These spectrums are the most widely used and are main bands for 4G, 3G deployments globally. Under appropriate base station supports, E6 series speed of LTE FDD is theoretically 50 Mbps at uplink, and downlink speed is up to 150 Mbps. It results in a fast and robust uplink and downlink performance.

Key Features

  • Number of connections: 10 WiFi users
  • Battery parameters: 2100mAh high performance lithium battery
  • Standyby time working: 6-8 hours
  • Standby: 72 hours
  • Internet Speed: 150 Mbps download
  • Support network: Multi mode, Multi band, Multi language, Adaptive free choice of frequency band

Condition: New
Colour: White
Brand: Essentials
Capacity (mAh): 2100mAh
Connection Type: Micro USB
Warranty: 1 Year
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  1. dragon2611's avatar
    Whilst these should work if it's only 150Mbit/s it's likely to be LTE cat 4 so won't be able to do stuff like carrier aggregation (LTE-A) so if the cell tower supports that you will be missing out on the extra capacity.

    Most modern smartphones have way better modems (Even the cheap ones) so depending on your requirements hotspotting off a cheap phone might actually be a better option.
    surreyspireite's avatar
    Define modern?

    I'd probably use one of these because my main mobile isn't dual sim.

    That said,I have my old Samsung S8... which may or may not be better -battery life a concern...
  2. sheffield788's avatar
    I'm not familiar with such devices, and the price seems OK. But I wonder why you need this when you can do hotspotting from your phone? And if for some reason you don't want to do it from your main phone, an old phone can probably do the same job as this product, if not better. Genuinely, I don't see the advantage of using this, but I never used such a device. (edited)
    YourWellWisher's avatar
    I suppose people who, say,
    get a cheaper data sim from a different network then their phone sim in use, then they could load up that cheaper data sim in this router and so upto 10 wifi connections can be used on it!
    E.g, i go to say another country even, got a good data sim, i could it into this device and use wifi alone or others, business or private use to get onto the net !
    Make sense?
  3. Grrrrrrrrrrr's avatar
    Of course you can use your phone - but you may be somewhere where the best signal is upstairs/in the window and that can be a pain if you want to use your phone as a phone. Not to mention the difficulty if the kids are using the internet and you want to pop out (with your phone) for a couple of hours.

  4. MoHoneyMoProblems's avatar
    Does anyone know what size of SIM this takes? I assume Nano SIM, but I don't want to assume.
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