4Gamers PS Vita Play Thru Kit ( Visor, Headphones & strap ) £2.99 Delivered @ Game

4Gamers PS Vita Play Thru Kit ( Visor, Headphones & strap ) £2.99 Delivered @ Game

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The release date of this product is April/May of 2013 so this will not fit the Slim Vita ( I'm assuming )

Visor: Play Thru Visor with hinged lid, prevents screen glare from external light sources when system is in use, adjustable viewing angles, ensures maximum protection for your screen when not in use, full uninhibited access to PS Vita system rear touch pad and soft rubber grips adding extra comfort during gameplay.
Audio Headset: 30mm Speaker drivers, adjustable style, ear cups with soft comfort ear cushions and inline volume control.
Wrist Strap: Wrist strap for use whilst transporting or playing on the PS Vita system.


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Thanks sarafan. I've never even seen this before on the website but for £2.99 I'll take one for my Vita

Just grabbed two, one for my son, and one for me!


Looks good, ordered. Cheers op

Definitely a decent price compared to Amazon, etc.
Looking forward to trying the headphones with my Vita.


out of stock

They have cancelled my order after 2 days....

Whoever didn't manage to get one of these, you're extremely lucky. It's absolutely terrible. The headphones are seriously poor quality, both physical and sound. The Visor again is really poor quality and feels like it's going to snap any time you move it. Only the strap is decent.



They have cancelled my order after 2 days....

Yup, I had the same thing happen after buying a Wii U charge station from GAME.
Order was accepted and 2 days later........ Cancelled? *pffft*

Got mine, boy it's crap, the strap is brill!

Mines going on eBay I think
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