4gb micro SD cards only 19.95 in store at CPW

4gb micro SD cards only 19.95 in store at CPW

Found 20th Mar 2008
cheapest on highstreet i think! very good deal imo

my 1st deal, be gentle


He did say high street not internet

Not bad for instore price :thumbsup:

You may have said it was instore but its still a terrible price. It may be your first post but that doesnt make the price any better. In this day and age where the internet is now accepted as part of our everyday life I dont think high street stores have any excuses. Sure they have overheads but thats not my problem as a customer. Voting cold.

Wow, Im very grumpy today! Congrats on your first post though :-)

Voted hot. It's bank Holiday weekend, chances of getting one of these by Tuesday from a internet site is very slim. I agree with comments on shops vs internet, but shops do have there uses. With my R4 arriving this morning, where else would I go to get a Micro SD card this weekend

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gud price for peeps who dont wana order online, or are impatient
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