4gb MP3 Player £20.98 delivered
4gb MP3 Player £20.98 delivered

4gb MP3 Player £20.98 delivered

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Please Note : This is a reconditioned product but comes complete with a full 12 month warranty.

Want a compact digital MP3 player for less than £30 - then this little beauty is just the right one for you. With 4Gb memory you can store upto 1,000 songs, enough to keep you entertained on the move.

It also features : Voice recording function, rechargeable battery with 10 hours life, 20 band graphic equaliser, CD software included and supports MP3 & WMA music files.

You can also record direct from your Hi-Fi.


I probally would buy this if it wasnt a refurb. Good find one the less.

Wow thats a brilliant price.

Refurb means nothing to me, with a 12month warrenty who cares!

Heat added!

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Yes ive had many refurbs over the years no problems and always like new

:thumbsup: nice find

Good Deal

Mixed reviews but worth a go for £20

Thanks OP


I've been looking for something to record from a line-in for a while now, for a live music venue. This should fit the bill nicely.

dont forget 3% quidco!!! every little helps

Why would anyone buy the 3year coverplan at £59? Good price on the mp3 player though.

I'd go for this at 20 the only thing that stops me is the word LOGIK I've had a couple (although different type) 2gb LOGIK MP3's and they were, well, rubbish. The only use I have for them now is that I use them as a Pen Drive (so at least not all is lost)!
The fact that they are refurb's this might actually mean they work, so even though I've said that they are rubbish for as I say 20 I might try them one more time!

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LOGIK is just a DSG brand name, all items under the LOGIK brand are made by different manufactures


dont forget 3% quidco!!! every little helps

or with a Egg Money card 5% instant cash back

Can anyone tell me?

I have been wanting to transfer my Vinyl to digital for some time now.

Is this a satisfactory way of doing it?

Will I get good quality recordings?

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It says you can record off your hi-fi, not sure if it automatically converts to mp3 tho


Even for £20 I wouldn't waste your money.

I bought this exact refurb a few months ago, thinking the price was too good to miss for a 4gb MP3. First off it worked perfectly, but then it started crashing and locking up. The fact that it has an internal battery means that when it crashes you have to wait for the battery to run down before you can try and use it again. Eventually it crashed completely and was unusable (trust me, I tried everything).

Yes is comes with a guarantee, but whats the point getting something that just causes you endless hassle. I ended up buying a Sumvision 2gb MP3 with a built in FM tuner for £20 which (despite the peculiar menu system) has worked perfectly since day one.

Give the LOGIK a go if you like, but don't say I didn't warn you...

Had one of these units, charged once, loaded songs & it just kept playing, couldn't change track or turn unit off. Returned to supplier who tested it & said nothings wrong with it, worked ok since but wouldn't buy another one.

The price has gone up now to £27.95 + p&p.

i bought this a few months ago on a similar deal from currys
worked ok initially but after a few weeks, it just died
eventually got a refund from currys

ended up gettin a 20gb acer mp3 player for 50 quid! - works perfectly and it was brand new

Don't waste your money, I was given this for xmas and havent been able to use it since New Year! The thing worked for a few days and then it overheated and crashed, finally got it to work again and it crashed for good!
I'm now on the look out for a new mp3 player and think i'll stick to what i know....Sony or Apple!

I'd imagine it uses an MicroDrive, so you could probably fix it or improve reliability by taking it apart and replacing it with a solid-state Compact Flash card.

Received mine yesterday - defo refurb as lots of scratches etc.

Working fine just now and it has a 1 year guarantee so if you get a year out of it then so be it. Else money back!

I'm still waiting for mine.

Please I'm begging anyone thinking of getting one of these not to bother.

They really are awful. Read the reviews above, they should be enough to put you off.

There is a Sumvision 4GB MP3 player with built in FM tuner which has just been added (27/4) to this site which I would buy every day of the week over the LOGIK one.

I have a 2GB Sumvision player and it's far superior to the LOGIK one in terms of reliability and performance.

Mine arrived yesterday. Bit scratched and scuffed, but working.
Purely as a recording device, it's great - encodes straight to 192k MP3. It's not going to be used everyday, and I'm pretty sure I can fix it if anything goes wrong. So for my purposes, it's fine.

The price has gone down to £23.98 delivered.

My scuffed and battered unit is now sitting saying "Application code loading ...", and has been for the last 1/2 hour.

Just about to phone Dixons and ask for a refund!

I never received my player, because DHL refused to deliver it to me and said I had to collect it from them, which I refused to do. So Dixons are going to get the player back for DHL and refund me. I think the gods were smiling on me.
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