4in1 remote - works perfect with sky / sky+ and Sky HD - £2.49 at b&m

4in1 remote - works perfect with sky / sky+ and Sky HD - £2.49 at b&m

Found 29th Jul 2012
Skyhd remote died last night and didn't fancy paying £20+ for a remote so had a look at b&m this morning for something that would let me change channels.

Found this advertised as suitable for sky (no mention of hd) but I bought it anyway and can confirm it works 100% with the standard sky box, sky+ white box and my sky HD box. All the record buttons work and everything.

Absolute bargain at £2.49!!!
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Blimey I clicked hot and it changed from 0 to -5

Not sure what people want for £2.49!!!

Nice find.
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can't you get the genuine thing for a couple of quid more?
Sounds like a good deal, do you know of it it's got a learn setting for different tv remotes. Also is there any chance of a picture?
Better than them £200 Harmony remotes! ^_^
Thanks for the comments,

Yeah it does have a learn function but also comes with about 2000 different codes for over 300 different makes so its pretty good for £2.49 lol.
Is there any chance you could post the name of it? Ive got one but lost the codes TIA
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