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4K Extended version The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship Of The Ring / The Two Towers / The Return Of The King 98p @ Google Play Turkey

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About this deal

I just saw a deal in the UK Google play for £15 but this is a better deal if you use a VPN
1060605421670997731.jpg£0.98 each
13327131651670997751.jpg9433121571670997754.jpg13791099691670997762.jpgEnglish audio
You need to setup a Turkish account with VPN then you don't need to buy it or watch it.

If you can't find the movie in the app Google play use the browser version and search for lord of the rings.
Google Play More details at Google Play
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    The bluray cut is better and not the 4k upscale IMO for picture/colour etc.
    I didn't know that cheers
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    4K - who cares really? If the bitrate is still low it makes no difference.
    I care.
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    If you're doing this then buy a YouTube family account with the Turkish account for a few quid to link them, and then both accounts see the purchases.
    Saves switches, you go ad free, you can share with others too... Etc...
    To share YouTube family the accounts must be in the same country.
    So there are 2 possibilities.
    Or you create a family group and join all the members in UK and then change the main one to Turkey.
    Or you create multiple accounts in Turkey and use them for YouTube premium.
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    Bit of a hassle. Though a good price for 4k box set.
    There are a lot of movies also for 21.99 TRY and to rent for 4.99. That's 20p.
    Also you can get Disney plus for 1 year for £18 and many other subscriptions. I already had the account. I just checked the price for it.
    Subscriptions are cheaper in Turkey. You just have to try which one.
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    I can never get the prices to come up for the appropriate country. I switch my payment profile, start my VPN and go to Google play and still see the prices in GBP.
    It's better if you have 2 separate accounts/gmails.
    Purchases in Google play apps, games, movies, books just switch account.
    In app purchases like subscriptions if the wrong account is selected go through the Web browser Google play and clic install on this device, make sure you are on the turkish account and then buy as usual. I never needed vpn after setting up the account.
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    Harry Potter was better
    There's no cringey two word Latin spell in the world of Harry Potter that could be uttered to make that even remotely true.

    But I'll try...

    [Waves twig]

    Besides, everyone knows real wizards have staffs
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    When I'm trying to setup account,It'ls asking me for a tel number to confirm? How do you get round this? (edited)
    Just use your UK mobile number