4K UHD and 3D Blu Ray combos on Amazon.fr

4K UHD and 3D Blu Ray combos on Amazon.fr

Found 12th AprEdited by:"BristolBillyBob"
So, this is more a heads-up for others like me who find it hard to decide between the 4K and 3D versions of Blu Rays, and wish there were more combo packs like the War For The Planet Of The Apes steelbook at HMV which had both.

Seems France have a lot more generous selection over there, including:

Blade Runner 2049
Wonder Woman
Justice League
Ghostbusters (new film)

They start at EUR 19.99, which translates to about £21.60 when including P&P to the UK.

Not all of these are exclusive to Amazon.fr, some are available as steelbooks from HMV or other UK stores, but France definitely seem better served for this kind of combo so might be a useful site to keep an eye on.

Hope this helps someone!
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Didn't know such combos even existed. Thanks for the info
Thanks for the heads up. Wish more combos were available.
USA also do 'supersets'.
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If you have family /friends who can send you films over. ... Fnac has lots of these, but their exclusives usually include the cd soundtrack aswell.
Just need Terminator 2 to have this combo and I'll will bite.
Thanks BillyBob - that’s an excellent tip. Will check out HMV too.
Hey BillyBob - this is a fantastic deal: I’m effectively getting the 3D disc for free. It’s really easy to use but does anyone know how to change the language on Amazon Fr to English? I know Amazon really well so it’s pretty obvious and it’s probably helping me improve my French but English would be easier...

Also, should I let Amazon charge me in sterling or pay in Euros? General advice is to pay in Euros but I suspect Amazon exchange rate may actually be better?

Finally, do all the discs come with French packaging?
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