4kg Lumpwood Charcoal from Sainsburys BBQ Basic Range £2.99 @ Sainsbury's

4kg Lumpwood Charcoal from Sainsburys BBQ Basic Range £2.99 @ Sainsbury's

Found 19th May 2010
Incredible price for 4kg lumpwood charcoal (better than briquettes) at Sainsburys in Balham, London. Great now that the BBQ seasons started.

There was around another 12 left.

For comparison, 5kg of Lumpwood from Waitrose was £5.99 and the same there or thereabouts in Tesco, Asda.
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I'll give this a try. Tesco's charcoal brickquettes are terrible this year; they're the size of sugar lumps and are impossible to build with, you have to pour them onto the BBQ. One 5kg bag lasts about 4 BBQs.
This is nationwide. They send them to the stores by the pallet load. People around your area must be getting ready for the nice weather with only 12 left. No doubt they will have put another pallet out tonight.
Best deal I've seen for lumpwood this year, & I have been looking, thanks op. You can also get 4Kg instant light (4x1Kg) for £3.99 from homebargains & lidl, or 6Kg (2x3x1Kg) for £6 from asda. I usually use a 1Kg instant light to start then add normal lumpwood, quicker than any other method of lighting.
Just to note, they have the 64 lighting cubes in one pack at the pound shops.
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