4kg peanut butter £14.98 delivered.

4kg peanut butter £14.98 delivered.

Found 26th Feb 2018Edited by:"maxie014"
4kg peanut butter delivered using code SCORE40 for 40% off at bulkpowders.
Of course you can order more or less i just happen to buy 4kg at a time,will work out as more expensive the less you buy with delivery at £2.95.Minimum spend £10 for code.
TCB is 10.5% for new customers 2.1% existing customers
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Brilliant price at today's market rate. Seems there's a craze now for peanut that many places selling above £8 /kg.

Cheapest option is to make your own, for those who can, otherwise, this is a brilliant price. Hope its not 1 large 4kg tub
Just my personal opinion on this particular brand of peanut butter and not aimed at the deal itself - this stuff for me does the job in sandwiches and as a filling, but for actual standalone taste, the MyProtein stuff just seems a lot better (I only purchase smooth though).

Think I've read somewhere that MyProtein's PB also include the skins which might explain why theirs tends to be darker. I am working through the 2nd of 3 tubs of Bulk Powders' PB and miss the MyProtein stuff quite a bit, but this price is pretty good.
Mmmm... still bit of a risk if you don't like the brand. Some I don't like but I love PB. I you do try garribaldi biscuits with spread of it
How does this compare to "Skippy's" ? Peanut butter on toast is my standard breakfast before workouts but anything other than Skippy's just tastes bland.
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