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Posted 29 November 2022

4lite WiZ Connected SMART Wi-Fi PIR Sensor £2 Click & Collect (Selected Stores) @ Wickes

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4lite WiZ connected smart lighting products work straight out of the box with no need for a HUB or annoying blinking before you pair them! Finally, a SMART lightbulb that behaves like a lightbulb - just Plug, Pair and Play. Works with the WiZ APP as well as the WiZ Remote and VOICE activated hubs such as ALEXA, GOOGLE and SIRI.

Features & benefits

  • The 4lite WiZ Connected Smart Motion Sensor enables you to automatically turn lights on and off and trigger different light modes throughout the day
  • Whether you’re watching a film, having a party, working from home or even helping the kids get to sleep – our smart products put the power in your hands.At 4Lite, we make light work
  • Vacation mode
  • Fire up your inner lighting designer to create beautiful scenes and atmospheres. You can create the ambience to suit your mood and save your favourite shade for later. Our 4lite smart bulbs can learn your rhythm and adapt the lighting to suit it
  • 4lite WiZ Connected products work straight out of the box with no need for a HUB or annoying blinking before you pair them. Finally, a smart lightbulb that behaves like a lightbulb. Beautification, automation and improved well-being
  • Schedules and events management
  • Energy saving
  • 4 Year Warranty
Wickes More details at Wickes
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    Looked interesting, but apparently this needs a WiZ lamp to connect to. If you don't have one of those then it's useless.
    Says it works with Alexa, so as long as that’s true then I should be able to use a routine to trigger any other smart device that Alexa has access to.
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    “The occupancy sensors will only be added once a motion event is detected. Home Assistant can detect the sensors if they turn on at least one device when the room is occupied, and turn off at least one device when the room is not occupied. Sensors that are not linked to a device cannot be detected.”

    Won’t work without another device :/
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    Interesting, could be my next go to. It's a shame that Amazon stopped doing the PIR sensor for their Echo Flex, I've got mine setup for auto light activation.
    Had this, was working on and off, had to switch it off and back on every other day basically, eventually I bought myself a hue one and got rid of it
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    48892787-mCyc3.jpgNow out of stock everywhere...
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    Anyone got any idea how long the advanced feature delay can be set? Like can it be set so if manual off at night it won't turn on during the night if motion is detected?
  6. Avatar
    I just found myself reading the description twice

    Op may want to remove duplicate description

    Would this work with smartthings? (edited)
    Wiz is available on my ST app to add a device. 
  7. Avatar
    Motion detection eh? Great for the loo, but only turns light on when having a...
    So I am not the only one using a motion detection light in the loo
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    great price, shame it's not zigbee... was ready to run to my local store!
  9. Avatar
    These might be going on sale because wiz are releasing spacesense to all their bulbs, essentially doing motion detection from just the bulbs/detecting WiFi signal changes.
    Its pretty cool tech, which I have on a few new wiz bulbs (2021+ are capable) and they are doing a fw update to all bulbs to support this around end of the year.

    So I expect the motion sensors will be on sale or become redundant in many cases
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    NEeds expiring off