£4/Month UNLIMITED Broadband (£16 for 18 months after cashback) @ Tesco Mobile

£4/Month UNLIMITED Broadband (£16 for 18 months after cashback) @ Tesco Mobile

Found 2nd Feb 2012
Hey Guys,

I am looking to switch broadband providers and just came across this deal. It’s £8/month for standard unlimited broadband (which is cheap by comparison to many other providers), but Tesco are doing a ½ price for 12 months meaning £4 per month. On top, quidco are offering £80 cashback effectively meaning £16 for a 18 months of broadband.
Remember you also get clubcard points (although granted not many). Also cashback is not guaranteed.
Catch is you have to get the phone line from Tesco too, which at £11.75 could be cheaper. But this includes the ability to withhold your number, voicemail and caller ID which are all chargeable services by some other providers.
So total cost over 18 months = 4x 12 + 8 x 6 + 11.75 x 18 = £211.50 less the £80 quidco cashback = £131.50 or £7.31 per month for the next 18 months. And 211 clubcard points too!

• 12 months Half Price. Promo code: HALFBB-B^
• No set up fees
• 1 Clubcard point for every £1 you spend
• Inclusive Wireless Router*
• Unlimited downloads*
• Friendly UK call centre
• Keep your existing number*
• 18 month contract
• Inclusive UK Landline calls (eve & weekends)†
• Inclusive Call features
o 141 Withold number
o 1471 Last caller ID
o 1571 Voicemail (optional)


Guys, I just switched to Tesco. The only problem i've had so far is with the Thomson G580 router they send you. It's absolute rubbish - do a google search.

I've turned off wifi because it kept cutting connections, and it drops my broadband connection from Ethernet wired machines about 3 times an hour!!!

I've just persuaded them to give me my UserID and Password so I can use my old Netgear router.

cold from me , seems costlier than Orange , and if u have a orange mobile connection its still cheaper..

2 words, Traffic Shaping tesco throttle. so no thx, keep my sky and unlimited no capping and downloading over 100gb easy a month for £6

The title is completely misleading.

Math is wrong

Original Poster


Math is wrong


It more than £211 when u add it up
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