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Posted 16 March 2023

4TB - Samsung 870 QVO| Internal Solid State Drive w/DRAM Cache, QLC 2.5" SATA III (560/530MB/s R/W) £202.25 delivered @ Amazon France

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Note : QLC drive and has 4GB of Dram Cache.

Bit cheaper if you pay using a fee free card and pay in Euros.

  • Second generation of the QVO range, more efficient and even faster
  • Performance improved by 15% (compared to the previous model)
  • 3 year warranty
  • Available up to 8 TB
  • Operating temperature: 0 - 70°C

4TB - Samsung 870 QVO| Internal Solid State Drive w/DRAM Cache, QLC 2.5" SATA III (560/530MB/s R/W) £202.25 delivered @ Amazon France
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  1. Josu's avatar
    This drives don’t have dram ?
  2. stevvie's avatar
    4gb dram might actually make this drive usable. I have the 1tb model and once the ram is full after about 20 seconds it becomes slower than a hard drive from the 1990's. the qvo chips have a write speed of about 70 Mb/s yes 70 Mb/s so installing any modern game on them turns into a 30 minute wait time. Then you have samsungs continued problems with firmware since the 850 Evo days. (edited)
    Boxrick's avatar
    I am not a fan of QLC drives however I have the virtually identical 8tb version, in my case after around 90gb the drive moves from the SLC memory to the slower QLC, and drops to around 170mb/s writes which is still miles better than a spinning disc. Also benefiting from the lower latency, no noise, lower power etc that an SSD brings.

    Alternatively if you are reading the QLC memory will always max out the SATA3 bus ( ~ 500 megabytes per second )

    A TLC drive will always be preferred, but getting a 4TB or in particular an 8TB drive in my case for any reasonable amount of money may prove difficult.
  3. ComingInHot's avatar
    Great price for 4TB

    There were a lot of issues with these QVO drives, but hopefully a firmware update will fix most of them.
  4. Neostar's avatar
    Damn £4.26 too much
    Brutes's avatar
    Sorted, Use fee card, comes to your biting point.
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