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Posted 3 September 2022

4 TB WD Gaming Drive Works With Playstation 4 (Recertified) - £49.50 / 2 TB - £35.10 with code @ Western Digital

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

4 TB WD Gaming Drive Works With Playstation 4 (Recertified) is on sale for £49.50 with code 10RECERT
2TB WD Gaming Drive Works With Playstation 4 (Recertified) is also Available for £35.10 with code

I don't know why they add PlayStation 4 branding, even though it works with PC and other systems. But what I know is £49.50 is probably the lowest price it has ever been!

  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Free Standard Delivery

Portable Gaming Storage

With the WD Gaming Drive, you can quickly and easily expand the capacity on your PS4™* console by up to 4TB to conquer boundless new worlds.

*Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. does not endorse or authorize this product.

Expand and Explore
With capacities up to 4TB1 for your PlayStation™ 4 game console, you get plenty of room to download all your favorite games, DLC and patches.

Play Anywhere
Load games to the WD Gaming Drive and play with friends on other PlayStation™ 4 consoles without having to reinstall.

Convenient and Compact
Features a compact design with blue highlights to blend in with your PlayStation 4™ game console.

Easy Set-Up
Set up is as easy as plugging the WD® Gaming Drive into the PlayStation™ 4 device, format it as an extended storage device, and you’re ready to go.

WD Reliability
Built for durability, shock tolerance, long term reliability, and comes backed by a 1-year limited warranty.
Western Digital More details at Western Digital
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  1. Avatar
    They are 2.5” drives with hard wired usb drive controller circuits. So you can’t take them and use them as SATA or in any other enclosure/interface other than USB.
    That said I’ve had no issues with them and getting consistent speeds of almost 90Mb/s
    So.. Can I just check (I know NOTHING about PS stuff lol..) Are these OK to re-format for use plugged into a PC?/Nvidea shield? (edited)
  2. Avatar
    Is this a 2.5” or 3.5l drive? Also, what drives are in these? Thanks in advance.
    Given that it doesn't require external power, it will be a 2.5" drive
  3. Avatar
    Are Recertified drives worth it? Anyone has any experience with them?
    Very short warranty is the problem I find. Why?

    I bought them new last year for £10 more from WD with a code and a 3-years warranty. They are easy to reformat to Windows or Mac if you don't need the gaming format. (edited)
  4. Avatar
    How much more of this second-hand junk has WD got left?? And whatever happened to hard drives getting cheaper per TB every year?
    Second hand doesn't mean junk. Ive bought plenty of great items second hand, places like eBay thrives on it. It saves scrapping a perfectly good item.

    Also some of their recertified disks might have been removed from old or unsold products (edited)
  5. Avatar
    Anything USB Harddrive works on any console

    Idk what a "Gaming Drive" is
    Yep - and also PC and Mac. Marketing them like this creates a false division that just confuses the average consumer who isn't technical enough to know that a hard drive is a hard drive.

    But hey, it's got a blue stripe!
  6. Avatar
    I got two 4TB ultra recertified drives and although both came in perfect condition (they dont look used at all) one of them doesn't have a working status light (i have toggled off and back on via WD software a number of times to no avail) but it's fine - the drives were £60 cheaper so i'll accept it.
  7. Avatar
    I got one of these and connects to my ps5 1 in 20 times - useless and the support is useless too. My other one works fine lower GB !
  8. Avatar
    can the 4TB version be used as an internal Playstation 4 disk or it is too big for that? (edited)
    This isn’t an internal drive, you won’t be able to install this into the ps4.
  9. Avatar
    can it be used on ps5? what’s the read/write speed??
    It will it's just a regular usb Harddrive marketed towards consoles but no difference it will work on any device with a USB port
  10. Avatar
    Is the slow enough to use on xbox?
    Was going to ask the same for a Xbox 360 but I reckon you couldn't format to fat32 to be read or at the very least couldn't format the full partition and have to allocate only 1tb to be read by the console.
  11. Avatar
    4TB - The coupon code entered is no longer valid.
  12. Avatar
    Coupon not working? (edited)
    I tried last night, wasn’t working then.
  13. Avatar
    I went for the Ultra at the same price as it is USB-C
  14. Avatar
    Code doesn’t work anymore
  15. Avatar
    As others have said, code is no longer working but I've just bought one anyway, to go with one I've already got, to attach to the Lenovo USFF PC deal posted elsewhere to make an 8TB plex server. Should be relatively lower power but suitable for my needs. Happy days.
  16. Avatar
    If the code isn’t working, create an account and leave the item in your basket, you should receive an email within 24-48 hours offering “Save 10% Off Your Cart - Finalise Your Order”