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4W LED Dimmable GU10 Light Bulb - 2 Pack now 60p with Free Click and Collect from Selected Argos

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4W LED Dimmable GU10 Light Bulb - 2 Pack now 60p
These are also avaible 4W LED Dimmable GU5.3 Light Bulb - 2 Pack argos.co.uk/pro…53? at 60p

About this product
An A+ energy rating, a retrofit pin base, 4 watts and 345 lumens: are you ready for these light bulbs to light up your life - or at least your living room? They use the latest LED technology and components to ensure superior light output and to offer excellent energy savings when compared to halogen or incandescent equivalent products. Designed to be dimmed, they omit a warm light instantly, giving you that cosy feeling for up to 15,000 hours.

  • Pack of 2.
  • 4 watts.
  • GU10 fitting.
  • Energy efficient.
  • 10 yrs bulb life.
  • Can be used with a dimmer switch.
  • Colour rendering index 80 - this is a scale from 0 to 100% indicating how accurate a light source is at rendering colour. The higher the better.
  • Colour temperature 2700K.
  • 0.5 pf.
  • Rated luminous flux 345 lumens. This is a measure of light and indicates the power of the light emitted.
  • Rated lamp life 15000hrs.
  • Number of switches 40000.
Smart lighting information:

  • Suitable for indoor use.


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  1. Avatar
    Bought 10 packs earlier this week
    Just wish I was as fun as you
  2. Avatar
    2700K so perhaps not preferable for kitchens fyi
    I much prefer the warmer look in the kitchen to be fair.
  3. Avatar
    Out of stock everywhere.
  4. Avatar
    Does my light switch need to be dimmable for these to work?
  5. Avatar
    Not much stock but good if you can get them. Still have some left from buying about a dozen when Sainsburys had them reduced years ago but would be tempted to get these if there was stock nearby as they seem to get brighter/more efficient every year. The Sainsburys ones run hot to the touch and keep failing every so often probably for that reason. Aware this is an issue with all 230V LED GU10s of course. Would get 12V ones but the ones I have the transformer in the ceiling fails every few years and that's a pig to get out.
    Have you tried driverless AC-LED gu10s? They do away with the switch mode driver and don't need electrolytic capacitors so should be more reliable. They use much simpler circuits built on the same board as the leds.

    Article about driverless leds here: ledsmagazine.com/led…ine

    The MR16 12v leds I have all run very hot, I'm planning on replacing them with GU10 fittings. (edited)
  6. Avatar
    I wish these weren't warm light. After 5000k myself but cracking price for people wanting that warmer glow.
  7. Avatar
    Lots of other bulbs on offer too
    yes there are
  8. Avatar
  9. Avatar
    Already posted a few days ago, as there are multiple bulbs on offer

  10. Avatar
    Posted already. Most have gone now
  11. Avatar
    I got a pair of these, useful for non dimmable fixings but if you use in a dimmable fixing then at full brightness they flicker. I guess why they are getting rid of them

    sainsburys are also selling off bulbs really cheap but most are gone. picked up some e27 bulbs for 50p which they did have a few left (edited)
  12. Avatar
    Looks OOS nationwide now
  13. Avatar
    Ordered last week but they cancelled my ordered before collection
    I ordered few e27 bulbs and then went to order more but it was out of stock for collection or delivery. Somehow I managed to place the order and I picked it up anyway!!! Weird but now I have enough light bulbs for few years:)
  14. Avatar
    If planning on dimming these don't bother, noisy and flicker. Pay a bit more and get something decent saves u a world of pain.
    yep took mine back, buzzed like crazy
  15. Avatar
    I dont know why when I read this offer I thought it said 'Gluten free'
    They probably are - but I find them a bit too crunchy.
  16. Avatar
    50p in local Sainsbury