4x 5-pack (20 packs total) Maggi instant noodles for £1.00 @ Tesco instore

4x 5-pack (20 packs total) Maggi instant noodles for £1.00 @ Tesco instore

Found 9th Jul 2013
Currently Tesco does (both online and instore) 4 single packs (all varieties; Curry, Chicken, Masala spicy, Chatpata, Assam laksa) of Maggi instant 2-minute noodles for £1 (£0.39 each, 4 for 1 £1).
Link for this deal courtesy of SunShyn

What's new???

For some reason 5-pack of Curry variety scans for £0.39 as well... and guess what... buying 4 5-packs qualifies for ''4 for £1''
So... 4x5=20 packs of Maggi instant noodles Curry flavour for £1 OR...
20x79g=1580g for £1 OR...
1 pack for £0.05 (cheapest value noodles, 65g not 79g as Maggi, set you back for £0.15 or £0.19 normalized to 79g).

I scanned other 5-pack varieties at the price-check point, but came up with a ''Contact a member of stuff'' message, and being midnight I couldn't price-check. So it might or might not work with other varieties. If the 5-pack scans for £0.39, then 4 5-pack items qualify for 4 for £1.

5-packs not available online, at least in my delivery area. It doesn't hurt signing in on your Tesco Grocery account though, and checking, as stock varies from area to area. Being available online doesn't guarantee local availability and vice versa.

Receipt-proof, and pics of the actual product (in case we have a case of repackaging) with the barcode on 2nd post.
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I should add those noodles are located in the World Food aisle (NOT the Dried Pasta one)

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#Itookmychances. Even 20 packs for £1.56 would be sound, £1 even better.

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Not only it's a good deal, but it is specifically targeted to those with profit in mind Maggi noodles seller on amazon
In our tesco they just don't loose the 5 packet packing.

It a cheat as the barcode on 5 pack and 1 is same.
I have never tried Maggi noodles. 4 for £1 seems a good chance to have a try
The chicken ones are nice! They don't compare to super noodles but they are tasty! The Japanese ramen ones are also nice.

Jesus I'm not even a student anymore
For those who are.interested, Maggi is a Nestle product.
lol we used to scan 5pc packs for 39p at Culver in Cardiff, you had to go to a specific checkout lady who never bothered to check....once we had to go to another lady and she opened the pack and scanned them seperate....it was thier fault for leaving unopened packs on the shelf behind the singles!

The 5pc packs won't be avialble online as they are meant to be sold single....just some stores leave the unopened packets on the shelf behind others or on the top shelf to re-stock the shelves

They have stopped stocking them now though :-(
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I'll check if the individual packs have a barcode. If not, then it's a legit multipack. I'm 80% sure though that there was a SEL for the 5pack for £0.99. And wouldn't the scales of the self service checkouts alert when they expect a single 80g pack, but get a 400g multipack? Well I used self checkouts and there was no alert.

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Just lucky , as I saw them today 4 for a £1 individual's packs.
just a one-off, lucky break for OP
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