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Posted 27 September 2022

5* All Inclusive Turkey, Grand Seker Hotel (£213pp) 2 Adults 18th Nov / 25th Nov - 7 nights with Luton Flights - £426 @ Love Holidays

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    Sorry for a silly question but if I fly alone, do I still have to pay this price for two?

    Price is £299 for one
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    November is approx 14 degree too cold for a holiday, hence the cheap price (edited)
    Paid not much less than this for Cornwall in February, it's never too cold for a holiday just depends on what you expect to do. Obviously you won't be sunbatjing & swimming outdoors but it's still a lovely place with lots to do & you'll probably save more than the holiday cost in food & electricity costs alone
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    Anyone looking at anything at love holidays should take a look at trustpilot, Google etc first. They have appalling customer service and are the last people you should trust with your holiday. My mother just come back from a holiday in Side from LH and it was so bad she had to pay an extra £500 just to get a decent room. The pool was a joke and everything was 20 minutes away. People were nice though apparently.

    You have been warned. (edited)
    Sounds worrying.

    Was the hotel she was put in not the one described? I'd hope that if you go for a well reviewed hotel (I wouldn't necessarily choose the Grand Sekar - there seem to be better option for just a little more) you'd be OK and it wouldn't matter that you'd booked through Love Holidays.
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    Great price... But adding a suitcase each adds another £130

    Says like this
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    The hotel is around 40 miles from Antalya airport.
    Transfers to resort will cost extra, you should allow around an hour each way.
    Also, the hotel is located in a purpose built resort called Evrenseki which is 5 miles from Side old town, harbour and Roman ruins.
    There's a beach area around 5 or 10 minutes walk from the hotel. (edited)
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    Is 470 miles away from this Hotel.
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    Cheaper than staying at home and someone else does the washing up, regardless of temperatures.
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    Too cold in Nov for pool to be open. Mid May till mid Oct is the safe zone. With the heat pretty much guaranteed between mid June till mid September.
    Indoor pool
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    Side, long range forecast, or to put it simply, it will be alot better than the UK.

    Long range for London

    48318105-Ga3MF.jpg (edited)
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    Thank you. Instead of paying gas and electricity, I will stay and have holiday in Turkey.
    So you spend for one person £299 a week on energy & food ???? or for 2 over £400 ??
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    Spent three months last year in Turkey but not that hotel , people are extremely nice and helpful , cheap place to live , never did I feel unsafe or had to be cautious unlike the UK is now , one thing that stood out was the technology in home appliances is Miles ahead of what you can buy here , it looked like what you can buy in turkey today the same technology would be available two years later for sale in uk
    But if turkey is considered a poor country well I think it is and wages wouldn’t be great how can people afford all this new technology
    Amazon only allowed sell books their and you can’t import vapes another thing I learned
    Home appliance technology 2 years ahead in turkey really ? seeing there all Chinese pray tell what you mean !
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    I was tempted by the Turkey deals - but then found even cheaper all inclusive deals in Tunisia (plus guessing Tunisia will be a little warmer in Nov?). So got myself a week's sun for £270 (that's the single price - it's cheaper for a couple).

    I'm hoping Love Holidays will be OK. So far very efficient (got my Easyjet tickets through straight away).

    I went for the Hotel Nour Palace Resort in Mahdia which gets mostly good reviews on Tripadvisor (as always, you've got 5* and 1* reviews so you have to decide which to believe. Far more good reviews than bad ones).
    Can I get the link you booked please
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    Wow 🔥
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    How much.
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    Good price but TripAdvisor reviews aren't great. Anyone here stayed in the hotel?
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    You have to fly in to Istanbul? Anyone?
    Yes. It's approx 1hr 15m by air
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    Whats the weather like in November?
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    this is a great price. I am in Turkey at the moment. Stayed at another all inclusive hotel near Mamaris for a few days. That was £130 per night. So this is a great deal
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    You’ll get there and find out the hotel is still being built lol
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    Great price and there’s an indoor pool, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to swim. Turkey is a beautiful country and the people are so nice.. exchange rate is approximately 20 lira to £.. so it’s so cheap to eat out, if you choose to.
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    Scam company
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    Turkey all inclusive

    The only all inclusive where you lose weight on holidays.. due to the bugs you will get I’ll with