5-Drawer Office Unit £9.99 @ Lidl

5-Drawer Office Unit £9.99 @ Lidl

Found 20th Jan 2013
Looks quite useful and it's a decent price. From Mopnday 21st January (tomorrow)


Multiple units can be stacked
With integrated pen compartment
Size approx. (cm): H32 x W33.5 x D28.5
2 year manufacturer’s warranty
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Heat just for spelling 'drawer' correctly!
Like it
Good price, these can be really expensives

Heat just for spelling 'drawer' correctly!

What about 'Mopnday'? ;-)
I bought this last time around, it's useful but would have been handy to have a way of labelling each drawer (e.g. small plastic pocket to put cardboard label thing in). Can't complain for the price though!

What about 'Mopnday'? ;-)

Will you tell him or shall I?
Bought several Lidl offers back (ie years ago), and still going strong - though they were in opposite colourway then, ie white box and shaded drawers. Robust build. Drawers still slide nicely without any maintenance (probably be even better with a bit of candle wax). Hold A4 nicely. Decent built-in restraint system to prevent you pulling drawer out unintentionally.
Always wondered why the top had that 'compartment' at the front - now I realise, it's been named a "pen tray"!
A pair of them might well make a useful multi-function printer stand (though have another dedicated purpose Lidl paper-tray thing for that myself).
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£10 for a piece plastic is hot...
Had a few of these Lidl storage things over the years - they usually take up too much space for the things you can store in them.
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