5 DVD Box Set Mortal Kombat Conquest In Poundland.
5 DVD Box Set Mortal Kombat Conquest In Poundland.

5 DVD Box Set Mortal Kombat Conquest In Poundland.

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Just picked up a mortal kombat 5 dvd box set from poundland feltham.
They also have a 3 dvd world cup football box set as well & donnie darko & human traffic.
Its just opened & they have quite a few other bargains as well


What's actually in the box?

haha thats a bargain, i remember this use to be on late night like 3am on bbc 2 a few years ago


What's actually in the box?

7hr of the episodes, i reckon its better than the normal movies

not bad for a quid but it drags along lol

hmmm, interesting. Don't remember there being a series, just several highly questionable movies ;-)

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Just watched some, not that bad. I suppose it depends if you like this sort of thing but a bargain for a squid :thumbsup:

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They have quite a few Adult dvd's on the top shelf as well

The series wasn't too bad.

Oo, I paid 15 quid for this about 4 years ago! I loved the series! Might pick it up again seeing as I cant find the set anymore

is that an animated series?

No, it's live action - Also, they just put random episodes on each disc.

Disc one contains episodes 1,2,3,4,15,17 and some episodes are on more than one disc!

I got some of these discs individually a few years ago and ended up buying the Australian box set on eBay for all the missing episodes


is that an animated series?

No, it was a proper action series which unfortunately never gained anything other than minor cult popularity due to some seriously stupid timeslots.

Although the series itself was definitely on the silly side (and was set _before_ the time of the movies incidentally), the standard of the martial arts choreographing was pretty good (although it did tail off in later episodes and look too forced / scripted for some reason - possibly changes in producers/director).

One of the most notable aspects of the series was the women. They're invariably all scantily clad amazon goddess. Probably worth watching for that alone
One of the main female actors was Kristanna Loken - who went on to play the TX robot in Terminator 3.

Definitely recommended as a bit of nostalgia for anyone who liked the original Mortal Kombat.


i hope i got this local to me

The series is quite good although not as good as the first movie but better than the second. :thumbsup:

The choreography is pretty good but sometimes its a bit cheapskate in that it zooms into the move so you don't actually see much of the fighting.

Lots of pretty girls in the series. :roll:

The highlight for me is when after watching to the end of the series they wanted a cliffhanger and probably knew that there wasn't going to be a second series.

The way everyone got their ass kicked - both good and bad - is hilarious! :-D

Especially the way Quan Chi does his teleporting to get away and is frozen mid-move. Soooo funny!


Good find, hope they got some left,:thumbsup:

None near me

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If anyone wants one & is willing to pay the postage as well I'll get one for them :thumbsup:


If anyone wants one & is willing to pay the postage as well I'll get one … If anyone wants one & is willing to pay the postage as well I'll get one for them :thumbsup:

ok that would be very nice of you also have they got blade or any other decent dvd ?

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They had mortal kombat box set, world cup football 3 dvd box set which ive just watched & very good :thumbsup:
They also had human traffic & donnie darko & a load of adult dvd's.
Went the other day & most of them have gone, all of a sudden theres loads of mortal kombat box sets on ebay
There was also some meditation box sets that had a rrrp of £35 on them I brought a few for my girlfriend & sisters.

no blade hous of chton

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no blade hous of chton

No just the ones I listed :thumbsup:
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