5 jumbo plants of Petunia 'Phantom' for free @ Thompson & Morgan

5 jumbo plants of Petunia 'Phantom' for free @ Thompson & Morgan

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Please do not phone them or email to ask about this offer as I think it's a glitch and the offer could be cancelled anytime. Multiple orders will probably be cancelled and the offer will be withdrawn more rapidly.

Petunia 'Phantom' Half-hardy Annual

An amazing breakthrough in breeding has created this brand new colour combination, earning the breeder the prestigious Fleurostar Industry Award for 2010! Incredibly, Petunia ‘Phantom’ even improves with a little neglect - our extensive trials found that the unique colours are enhanced when the compost is kept slightly dry. With an upright, mounding habit, and good weather resistance this astonishing variety look great in low terracotta containers, hanging baskets, or window boxes. Height and spread: 30cm (12”).

To get this, it's like the free seeds process!
Put a full price item, e.g. a shrub, into the basket. Go to basket.
Put code AG306 into the top code box for newspapers and catalogues.
Click on the petunias offer. Add to basket.
Remove original item. The petunias will be free, as it is still free delivery.

ok guys what i did was exactly what MSE says to do. is put in your basket a packet of raddish seeds "raddish rainbow mixed" think they are about £1.89 something like that. then go to checkout input the code AG306 in the top box where it asks for newspapers then further down it should show you the petunia phantom. and it says next to it, for free and watch the price go even lower. so add them to your basket. then remove the raddish seeds. thats it, it then says price to pay £0.00
- mitseymoo


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that petunia offer doesnt show for me?

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that petunia offer doesnt show for me?

Put code AG306 into the top code box. Can you confirm if that works please?

yep that worked - lets see if i get them as orchids that were 6p here never arrived

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yep that worked - lets see if i get them as orchids that were 6p here … yep that worked - lets see if i get them as orchids that were 6p here never arrived

Cheers. I have put that code in the OP.

I missed that orchid one! They may still come - T&M have some long delivery times.

Fingers crossed.

Thanks, given it a go. Code worked for me too.

code is not working

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code is not working

Did you put it in the top box for newspaper and catalogue codes?

I have just checked and the offer code is still working. Don't put it in the voucher code box.
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code is not working

Sorry it worked hot from me.
Hope will arrive.

Just worked for me, thank you.

Worked for me
Heat applied

Couldn't get code to work in top box for me- didn't change the price

thanks, postie loves me!

Thanks, worked for me but I'm not holding my breath!!! Once we might be lucky but twice???!!!

Worked fine for me - many thanks to OP for taking the time to post.


Couldn't get code to work in top box for me- didn't change the price

It doese not change the price.After entering the code,you need to scroll down,find the offer,view the offer and then add the offer to your basket,when you see it in your basket,you then remove the full price item which should leave the free item only.No need to register and no payment details are required as it is totally free.

brilliant thanks

had a go now wait and see if they arrive

Got the Begonias for £2.99 as well. (Now popping out to the garden to plant my £1 potato tubers which finally arrived last week!). Thanks

I couldn't get it to work at first because i went back to the home page to get the petunias instead of scrolling down to them on the basket page.


Added some cold to stop this deal getting hot. It worked for me but they are unlikely to honour it if too many people submit.

Thanks Chesso.

Too many plants now

I phoned them to complain that for my fifteenth free order the offer wasn't working.They said we will put all your orders through,but anybody else who orders,we will simply cancel them all.

I like a good deal like anyone else, but this is stealing, plain and simple.

thankyou, i was a bit slow at working out what todo,

thanks it worked, I hope they deliver

hooray henry

Thanks Chesso.Too many plants now

DITTO!!! once all my free £10 voucher orders come i will be overloaded!!

Thanks chesso - excellent find again. Ordered a packet of Rocket seeds to avoid suspicion so got them and the petunias for 99p delivered (hopefully!).

Thanks worked for me, warmed up!

Many thanks ..

just wondering how the OP found this


I don't see why you would not get these as long as you order something else.

I ordered some sunflower seeds as well
thanks (_;)

not working for me come up at £9.99

wow! this really works. Thanks

just tryed it sill working now at 5.20pm

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Many thanks ..just wondering how the OP found this

In this other T&M thread someone said that there was an offer at the bottom of the basket for petunias - better than the offer in the thread itself, so I had a look - helping, you know! - and couldn't see anything useful.

So I went through the various petunias ( it took a while) and stumbled across this, saying free - as in the pic post #1.

The code comes up when you follow the process through, so that's how I knew what the code was. Once you have the code then you get the offer below the basket. I still couldn't find the other petunias offer code!

T&M do all sort of things with vouchers and freebies all the time, like the free seeds or the £10 vouchers or the 'incentive bundle' and as seen from the peony offer they have started doing it on their van meuwen site a well.

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thank you, Fingers crossed!!!

thanks op

Just worked for me @ 18.05! Thank you
@ uglybeautyqueen - you have to follow the whole procedure through (adding the petunias which come up @ £9.99) but when you go back to your basket it will appear as free and you then remove your original item you will have the free petunia's remaining!

worked for me!
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