5 litre tub of carte d or ice cream £ 3 at heron

5 litre tub of carte d or ice cream £ 3 at heron

Found 15th Aug 2013
5 litres of carte d or ice cream £ 3 at heron frozen foods,
mint choc chip
caramel ect ect
large tubs that you usually see in the ice cream
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How can they call this ice cream when the main ingredient would seem to be AIR. It's like they've taken 2 litres of ice cream and whipped enough air into it to make it up to 5 litres.

At full price, this stuff is a rip-off, but this price isn't too bad.
I once saw a tv programme about how whipped ice cream was made... full of emulsified fats... it was awful. Apparently Mrs Thatcher in her pre politics days was one of the main chemists who discovered whipped ice-cream. And after the show and knowing who discovered the method of creating the texture and taste...I would still eat this.
5 litres!! oO

Need a bigger freezer...
good price ashame theres none done south
This was £1.72 in Tesco (in store) 3 days ago.
I doubt it this is for 5LTR not 1

This was £1.72 in Tesco (in store) 3 days ago.

thats the 900ml tubs not the 5L tub that the deal is about. personally ive never seen anywhere sell a 5l tub ive seen 3l tubs before buts thats it.
what location are you? I have tried my local Heron they have not got or had any
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I saw that program on the telly about ice cream too,
it does not put me off,
I bought ( 5 litres ) of mint choc chip carte d` or ,from my heron,
I really love it loads of chocolate shavings, plenty of stock,
really creamy ice cream,
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