5 metre USB 2.0 male to female cable @ 99p Store

5 metre USB 2.0 male to female cable @ 99p Store

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5metre USB2.0 male to female cable 99p.



cold...looks like the Patel's own the 99p store & are advertising.

been on sale on and off for ages, good when i was using a 3 internet dongle and not getting good reception, using one of these u could blue tack the dongle high up on a window to get good reception - also handy for plugging the laptop intop the hard drives under my tv/media centre and being able to access them from sofa for quicker data transfer than wireless

where they being sold at???

good needs store in title tho

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Its in the Birmingham pallasades store.

is this an USB extension lead? if yes, this is what i am looking for and hot!

anything over 3m needs to be a repeater cable really, or you will notice dropouts, or the device may need plugging in and out to get recognised after a boot up etc...
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