£5 off any order over £25 at maximuscle.com to celebrate re-launch of site thats a 20% discount

£5 off any order over £25 at maximuscle.com to celebrate re-launch of site thats a 20% discount

Found 27th Jun 2008
Simply enter: Launch - at the check out screen to claim your discount.

Not just for body builders, these lot do some of the best stuff on the market.

Worth a look any how.


alot of expensive stuff on that site

ive been looking for a place to get decent affordable bodybuilding supplies for a while but nowhere around

might consider importing from the USA if i find a decent company

nice offer regardless

good deal
heat added

Maximuscle often do 20% off deals, mainly 'cos this is under their huge markup! However, they don't usually widely advertise them, so voted hot on the basis that some guys I know swear by them (even though I think that their products are a bit overpriced and only distribute protein in girl-sized 1.2kg tubs)!

If you know what you're doing and exactly what you need, I'd advocate either all-in1 or myprotein.co.uk. You get a lot more for your money and the quality is on a par with maximuscle, eas, dymatize etc...

i wouldnt recommend them at all, very overpriced and the quality just drops all the time..not very good products really!! You need to get supplements from somewhere who doesnt skip on product quality and makes sure there ingredients are as pure as possible for your results

As mentioned before myprotein are a good bet for supplements but you need to know what you want and wha you are doing with them, otherwise great supplement companies with great products and quality manufacturing/product control are CNP (chemical nutrition), UK-Muscle and I have used LAMuscle products wih good success but they seem to be more expensive!

UK Muscle supplements are the best quality I have been told from people in the industry but are only really available from there website which is a bit tricky to navigate at first but a re vamp is due over the next month. its uk-muscle.net anyway
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