£5 off Games when you spend £40 at The Hut (Tuesday 12 - 2) & 10% CD's & Books (Wednesday 12-2)

£5 off Games when you spend £40 at The Hut (Tuesday 12 - 2) & 10% CD's & Books (Wednesday 12-2)

Found 24th Nov 2008
Got an appetite for entertainment?

Tuesday's lunchtime offer is £5 off Games when you spend £40

Simply add any game to the basket between 12 - 2pm to get £5 off

Now is the time to make huge savings on great gifts and latest releases inc. FIFA 09, Little Big Planet and Tomb Raider Underworld

Enjoying our lunch offerings?
.Wednesdays offer is 10% off on CDS and Books




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Bump for offer! Starts at 12 today

It doesn't seem to be working for me, anyone had any luck?

Nothing happening so far, bogus deal?

nothing for me too...

Didn't work for me either?

diddly squat happened for me to!!!
:cry:Ive wasted half a bloomin day waiting in to get my order in ?? (£5 is £5 at the end of the day??!! ... credit crunch people)

It is working now. :thumbsup:


Working great

It works, but if you try it through Quidco is does not. :santa:

Now it is working through Quidco.

Try this link?


it's not letting me in when I click "click here"
Any direct link to the offer itself pls???

Is there a discount code? is it valid for all PC games?

Didnt work for me, spent all my lunch break trying to order some games and no discount
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