£5 off when you spend £30 at Iceland  - voucher in The Sun (Sunday)

£5 off when you spend £30 at Iceland - voucher in The Sun (Sunday)

Found 11th Mar 2012
There is also a £5 off £40 Morrisons voucher in the same paper, but I think this one has already been posted somewhere
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Inb4 the Anti-Sun mob
Duplicate post
Perfect for people that can't cook.
wow harsh critics, ill hand out a saucer of milk
Great deal from the UK's top selling paper
just going through the paper and now got a dilemma as where to buy shopping from Iceland or morrisons???
thanks for this, stocked up the freezer aldis not that great for frozen meats
went shopping today at iceland after such a long time and got some slamon, indian chips, milk and was thinking god its hard to spend 30 quid here...

in the end got £15 worth of salmon and £10 worth of fish with a few little extras.

ps, also used love to shop vouchers so didnt cost me any cash
yes hard to spend £30 in iceland or ALDI, or LIDL
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