5 pack of Brainy Baby DVDs Was £89.95   Saving £68.36 (76%)  now £21.59 @ WHSmith or  a 4 pack Was £71.96   Saving £54.69 (76%) now £17.27

5 pack of Brainy Baby DVDs Was £89.95 Saving £68.36 (76%) now £21.59 @ WHSmith or a 4 pack Was £71.96 Saving £54.69 (76%) now £17.27

Found 16th Mar 2009
This selection of DVDs are suitable for children aged 1 year and up and is a complete collection that grows with your child up to the age of 5. The DVDs are aimed to help stimulate cognitive development and give your child a jump start on learning and provide a solid foundation in early education.
The five titles are; Animals, Shapes & Colours, Music or Art, 123's and ABC's. Each DVD is aimed at teaching your child a new topic in a variety of ways including a 45 minute video with other children playing and learning with brightly coloured objects to develop cognitive skills and spatial reasoning. Other features include scene selections, baby bloopers, and fun learning activities.

They also have a 4 pack Was £71.96 Saving £54.69 (76%) now £17.27
The 4 titles are; Left Brain - Logical Thinking, Right Brain - Creative Thinking, Peek-A-Boo - Creative Exploration, Laugh & Learn - Learning and Discovery



seems like a great saving

Or you could spend time with your child instead of plopping them in front of the TV, save yourself the money and enjoy some quality time instead Now thats a HOT Deal imho!

It's a fantastic saving, certainly (and voted hot), but there's nothing better than actual human interaction with a child of age 1! Most 1 year olds won't have the attention-span to sit through this and in my opinion, you're much better spending the cash on some tactile learning devices, such as shapes, a blackboard, magnetic letters etc. and some age-appropriate books. At that age, children are mostly driven by the reward/attention provided by parents and find it hard to focus on a screen and a parent at the same time.

Whilst I don't think there's any great danger of supplementing childrens' education with varied media I think there's a risk that many parents in this day and age will think that hi-tech solutions such are this will automatically make their children clever. It's so far from the truth.

I think this sort of thing is brilliant as a reward for kids who have already covered the learning in a 1 to 1 with their parents and used to reinforce their learning through rote, since young kids love repetition and familiarity, but you're frankly best to hold off TV until as late as possible, since once they discover TV then books are never picked up since they require more effort for your child to achieve the same mental reward.

But, to reiterate. This is a site about saving cash, not for saving those lacking a moral compass, so unequivocally voted hot!

I have tried plugging my child into the interweb to make her more intelligent but I can't find a USB to Child adapter anywhere
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