5 Pairs INΛIRS AIR2 (M) Earphone Tips £1.00 (prime)  £4.99 (non prime)  Sold by Ekamai and Fulfilled by Amazon.

5 Pairs INΛIRS AIR2 (M) Earphone Tips £1.00 (prime) £4.99 (non prime) Sold by Ekamai and Fulfilled by Amazon.

Found 6th May 2015
Found these on Amazon and seemed like a good deal
I'm sure they aren't as good quality as my Comply foam tips but for £1 delivered its a steal so I thought I'd give them a go!

Haven't tested but I think it works on all sizes

Enter code "SOUNDBOX" at checkout

(Just seen they put this: "PLEASE NOTE: In ordering your discounted INAIRS AIR, you agree to leave a review on Amazon within thirty days of purchase" but I'm sure that can still mean an impartial review?)

Free delivery on £20 spend unless with prime
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Code works - heat added
Good find, ordered
£4.99 delivered for me. + £3.99 postage.

£4.99 delivered for me. + £3.99 postage.

yes I think because it's fulfilled by Amazon its a £20 minimum spend unless on prime for free delivery, sorry about that
Oh well. I had prime till they upped the add on limit to £20.

I was doing quite well off the no rush delivery scheme.
To be fair on Amazon, they did give me a full £79 refund after I told them it wasn't cost effective for me any more.

Heat anyway for people still with prime.
Cool. ordered. what are they?
Thanks, much cheaper than the Comply tips I usually use. I ordered a set of the AIR3's.
What's the difference between the Air 1,2 & 3's?

Cool. ordered. what are they?

Foam tips generally offer better comfort and isolation than silicon ones. They can also change sound quality, or at least sound signature. For example blocking out more background noise can lead to a perceived increase in clarity, and I personally found foam tips would dampen the treble on a couple of my pairs of in-ears but it would be less noticeable with others.

What's the difference between the Air 1,2 & 3's?Thanks

I would guess it's the diameter of the central bore that you push the headphones onto- unlike flexible silicone tips, foam tips are built around a hard plastic tube in the centre. The images on the Amazon listing don't want to open on my iPad for some reason, but they appear to be compatibility charts for different brands to help choose which variety of tip will offer the best fit.
But you get little bags of these free when buying cheap headphones anyway.
Shame the discount code no longer works.
Code no longer works? Is there a new code?
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