5 Pce Bathroom Set - Blue - £1.49 @ Argos !!

5 Pce Bathroom Set - Blue - £1.49 @ Argos !!

Found 15th Nov 2008Made hot 16th Nov 2008
* Blue plastic soap dispenser, tumbler, toothbrush holder, soap dish and dustbin.


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Not my taste, but great price for a basic set! Voted hot!

they look like £1.49


they look like £1.49

I was going to say that too - sorry OP obviously not your fault how they look

lol the hand wash will almost lose its place when you press on it

Sweet, they'll do me. Cheers.

i got a set just after getting a place for myself. does the job and does look good. not idea why some feel the need to complain about it. this is great for a blue themed room

do other people use solid Gold accessory's or something for their bathrooms ? .or are we all to posh to like the basics anymore ?

The only place these are fit for is the cells in Wentworth :w00t:

vinegar - tits;3484808

The only place these are fit for is the cells in Wentworth :w00t:

Bit unfair. Not everybody can afford the luxuries of everything. As i said, its not my taste, but i know plenty of people who would be glad of something like this.
Incidently, the cells in wentworth probably do have the gold sets, so as not to offend anyone by the very basic blue £1.49 set

Is this the cheapest item at Argos?
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