5 Piece Knife set Only £1.99+7.99 postage @ jean-patrique-cookware

5 Piece Knife set Only £1.99+7.99 postage @ jean-patrique-cookware

Found 16th Aug 2011
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We request a small charge of £7.99 to help cover administration, fulfillment, packing, handling and insured courier costs.

AND Normal Price £119.99 hahahaha
Edited by: "jamhops" 16th Aug 2011
Really?! hahaha
The bluntest knives I have ever come across. Total waste of money - they have been sitting in my drawer unused since I purchased them.
Agree with Khue. Worst knives I've ever had, don't waste your money!
They do like to send spam mail, snail and email.


looks like it.
Actual price paid is £9.98.

Am going to put on a winter coat as it is going to get very cold in here!!
The link takes me to the 3 Knife set, but setting that aside, I will agree that they do like to send spam mail, snail and email but I do have a delete button on my browser (if I can't be bothered to ask them to delete my details from their system) and a shredder.
On the positive side, I have over time ordered two sets of each (that's the 3 and 5 knife sets) which I've given away as presents. None of these have been blunt (there's always a good knife sharpener to sort that problem out anyway) and the feedback I've had from the recipients were that they thought them good for the domestic situation that they use them in. If that helps probably the few that have not ordered these before !!!
You can use these cold knifes to butcher to death halal meat. Equally as cold.

I have to ask why arent "jean patrique" one of the banned retailers?
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