5 piece Professional Chef's Knife Set @jean-patrique-cookware - £13.98 Delivered

5 piece Professional Chef's Knife Set @jean-patrique-cookware - £13.98 Delivered

Found 18th Jul 2013
We are giving away one set priced at £3.99 +P&P to each reader on a first come basis. Normal retail price £125.95

All the professional features that chefs demand are incorporated in Jean-Patrique's® new professional knives:

Set includes:
10" carving knife (normally £34.99)
9" bread knife with special scalloped serrations to stop the bread tearing and making thinner slices (normally £29.99)
8" chef's knife (normally £29,99)
5" utility knife for tasks like sandwich cutting, preparing salad and fruit (normally £16.99)
3.5" paring knife for preparing vegetables and for finely chopping herbs (normally £13.99)

-- Making this set effectively 99p (plus P&P charges) after £3 cashback!

--- Edit----
1x Professional 5-Piece Chef’s Knife Set @ £3.99 + £9.99 postage,packaging & insurance = £13.98
2x Professional 5-Piece Chef’s Knife Sets @ £7.98 + £17.99 postage,packaging & insurance = £25.97
3x Professional 5-Piece Chef’s Knife Sets @ £11.97 + £22.99 postage,packaging & insurance = £34.96
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These are garbage and regularly hit sub zero temperatures on here. With knives you get what you pay for. Save up and buy them one at a time and any half decent set will last you a lifetime. You will regret buying these, honestly. Ask others on here for their advice
Have added P&P to the deal, unfortunately at £9.99 it's excessive
Thanks will get 50 and sell on eBay can I contact you to share some gains
Oh no, not again !
Absolute rubbish.
Avoid like the plague.
4 months ago they were giving them away free, and postage cost then was £7.99
I have a set of these, as mentioned you get what you pay for - they are OK so long as you have a good knife sharpener and keep them dry. No way are they worth anywhere near as much as their so called normal price plus these are almost continually on offer.
yay - posted again
Preying_Eyes has been a member on here for 14 months. Why does he not know these are a perennial freezer?
These knives are s.hit

Normal retail price £125.95

And where might that be one wonders?
Have got a set when they eventually came slippy handles no grip waste of money
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