5 Piece Ratchet Spanner Set at Lidl - £7.99

5 Piece Ratchet Spanner Set at Lidl - £7.99

Found 13th Mar 2014
5 Piece ratchet spanner set. 72 tooth ratchets so you just need 5 degree of movement for the spanners to work, great if working in a confined space, also has standard open ends. Obviously not a huge range of sizes but all the most common ones are there. They looked good quality in the shop.
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They look alright, will drop by on my way home and have a look.
Should have mentioned sizes are 8mm, 10mm, 13mm, 14mm & 17mm.
What sort of warranty is there with these.
I shall have a look at these tomorrow morning.
The guys I work with swear that the Halfords Pro tools with the lifetime warranty are superb.
I suppose if you want to use them in an industrial enviroment they may be worth the extra but for the normal guy who uses things once or twice a year these are a bargain.
Had a look and they seem pretty good for the money.
They're only chrome plated steel - not chrome vanadium steel, so don't expect them to stand up to too much intense use. They're similar to the cheap & cheerful stuff you get from many outdoor market stalls.
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