5 pound shoes at Clarks, SIZE 7 ONLY

5 pound shoes at Clarks, SIZE 7 ONLY

Found 30th Jul 2007
My first deal submission. Take it easy guys.
I have been to the Clarks at Cheshire Oaks. There was a
sale in the shop. They had massive clearence sale for SIZE 7 shoes. A lot of fine shoes for 5 pounds only.
Apparently they have an excess of Size 7 Shoes and only they are being sold for 5 pounds. This was told to me by the lady on the counter.


[CENTER][CENTER]it it boys or girls ? If girls were there any nice ones?[/CENTER][/CENTER]

Their YO-TOY looks like something dreamed up for the "Dragons Den".

Original Poster

They are for the men and I got 2 pairs of nic ones for me.
Please go and check in the shops.

Size 7 feet on a bloke? te he he he :giggle:
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