#5: Racing Grannies - £6.95 or less delivered.

#5: Racing Grannies - £6.95 or less delivered.

Found 13th Nov 2006
Ducky's Christmas Gift idea #5.

Product: Racing Grannies
Available at: The Gadget Shop
Price: £7.95
Delivery: FREE (Secret Santa Promotion)
Discounts applicable: £1 off using the code GSPWS283623
QuidCo: 10%

Zimmers ready varicose veins steady and theyre OFF!

Pummelling the ground with their granny frames, steely determination in their shortsighted eyes, these two wind-up grannies are on a mission. Step back young man, out of the way little missy its race time!

The engine is most definitely running, but youve got to question if theres anyone behind the wheel! These little dears are the Schumacher and Alonso of their generation a tribute to grannies all over the world who are ridiculously slow, yet still so eager to move at speed! Yes they are probably one of the most ridiculous things youve ever seen at the gadgetshop, but theyll make you laugh so much you wont care!

Before the race youll need to choose a granny each, and decide on a name for your granny so you can cheer her on during the race (classic granny names include; Nora, Betty, Mildred, Margerie and Dorothy). Decide on your track, then simply wind each granny up, place on the Start line and begin your countdown! When you hear the word GO, release your granny and watch her power down the track, moving her Zimmer at a lightning quick pace!

Trust us youll never laugh so much in your life!

Two Racing Grannies included in pack.
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This item is suitable for anyone over the age of 8, however the older you are the more hilarious I promise you will find them!!

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If you find this, or any of the other items in the Ducky Gift ideas cheaper, then post them in this tread and then we can decide whether you should re-post the new deal or not.

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I've found it 5p cheaper...

Its at firebox for £11.90 but with the various £5 off vouchers it would make it £6.90. Still has 10% Quidco. hehe
Don't forget the £3.95 delivery at these places.
These are in Woolworth stores at £6.99
But they are included in the 3 for 2 offer ..

It seems that online they are £8.99 ( and there is no 3 for 2 offer online)

To be honest they look way overpriced. They look like something you would pick up in the pound shop.

Don't forget the £3.95 delivery at these places.


At Gadget Shop its free Delivery on these.

At Firebox the £5 off makes it free delivery + a discount of £1.05 (making the total price cheaper than Gadget Shop by 5p)

So I'm not sure what you mean!
Sorry didn't see the promotion.

Sorry didn't see the promotion.

Il let you off then :thumbsup: :-D
Superdrug in Coventry city centre had these on the shelf for £4.95 each at the weekend (and on 3 for 2).

Wish I'd got know. They've probably still got plenty left though
Yep there also in Superdrug in Loughborough (mids) for 3.99 and 3 for 2 too xI was going to get my 86 yr old gran one but not sure if she'd see the funny side!

FREE delivery.. cheaper anywhere else folks~?
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