5-Sheet Cross Cut Shredder Reduced to £9.99 @ Maplin

5-Sheet Cross Cut Shredder Reduced to £9.99 @ Maplin

Found 25th Jan 2008
Needed a new shredder so picked this up tonight at Maplin.
It's marked as reduced from £22.99, also available online.
Not the most exciting of deals but I hope it helps someone.

Ideal for any home or small office and to reduce the risks of ID fraud
Throat width - 223 (mm)
Sheet capacity - 5 sheets of A4 paper
Cut type - Cross cut
Shred size - 4x30mm
Auto on / off / reverse
Complete with interlock safety switch
Pull-out basket volume - 16 litre
Machine setup size - 323 x 155 x 365mm

This link might work better


Or the product code is A36FH.
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Great price! Easy to take back if it goes wrong also...
Can be reserved too.
Although it's not marked as a sale item on the site, they didn't have any shredders for less than £20 last week when I checked.
Used to hate maplins because of the silly prices they used to try and charge me for IDE cables but almost forgiven them due to the recent deals and the check stock in store option, any problems take it straight back.
Counter balanced tonight with buying a £5.99 standard phono lead but where else are you going to get a cable when you want one now! at 7 on a Friday night?
reserved? u sure?...

arr this is Maplins... not jessops!
nice find
if you cant get to a store p&p is a very reasonable £2.99:)
or free over £35... also dont forget quidco!
Need one of these for a present (yes a present) , was about to shell out £15.00 on one in town so glad this came up and i have a mappys at end of the road, just hope they have some stock now.
Strange set up with the online ordering i may add is that if the item becomes out of stock and no longer avalible after they have taken the cash from you B/A they mearly send you a credit note attached to the invoice in the form of a number, i was outraged at this and called C/S . was told i had to send the whole invoice back with a request to have the moneys returned to me account. I will therefore be sticking to the local shop from now on as it seems to much hasselholf.
I've been falling over these every time I've been in the store recently, there's other models lying about as well, they might clear some floorspace if they reduced those too.
A few shandys tonight Gary?
Sorry gary, I'm on the shandy, I've changed jessops to maplins in my earlier post, just incase I confuse anyone else.
And change collect@store to check stock instore.
And changed the tag, possibly what brought you here gary, sorry.
Damn! why do they're names get mixed up so easy always had problems with that, even without any shandys
what... i came here to congrats u on the deal... not jessops, never mind
What? What? and ... it doesn't even look like it's a reduction on-line.:?
Bought one of these last week and, despite the incredibly shonky looking packaging, it's a very nice shredder. Jeez, has life come to this?
Anyway, the quality is far beyond what I was expecting and, unlike my last cheapo shredder, this one actually switches off after a sheet, and totally anihilates whatever you put in it.
Careful now, tie wearers.
Good Find added Heat
I think we have a £7.99 one at Staples, in-store only. Doubt it'll be as good if this one's reduced, but still worth a look.
prob wouldnt be a cross cut so would not be as good!
If anyone is picking one up tomorrow, and you're needing a new keyboard it might be worthwhile looking out for one of these


The deals expired but I think it's been revived instore, the shelf had the red label showing £9.99, there was only one in the store. Maybe they've had a chance to check the stock since it was last posted.

And if it's a mini dvd/divx player your're looking for, this was also instore and looked good for the money

Bargain imo il get one tomorrow
None in the Basingstoke store (called them) so ordered online.

Should also say based on the cut size this is Level-3 security, on 1-5 level, 1 being the worst - 5 being Govt. security., so pretty good really.
I just popped into town and picked one of these up. I'm using it now and it seems to be doing the job very well indeed!

H & R added. Thanks.
Thanks OP :thumbsup:

My shredder has just packed in.
Took it back to the shop where I bought it from and they've given me a refund.

I have just reserved one of these and will pick it up this evening.
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