5 volumising inserts (Bumpits) £1 poundland

5 volumising inserts (Bumpits) £1 poundland

Found 12th Nov 2010
pack of five (bumpits) different sizes three colours to choose from same thing as the jml ones just different name and a lot cheaper.

jml only come in packs of 3
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picture is jml i havnt got pic of these ones sorry but all the same lol.
Thanks a lot! Will check my local £1-land out. wanted the JML ones but was reluctant to pay £9.99 in case they didn't work.
I bought the JML ones then spotted these in my local pound store too so got some. They're just as good as the JML. Actually I like the colour better on the poundstore ones its darker(did get the brown hair ones) so easier to hide in my brown hair. Tho decided didnt need 2 packs so gave the cheap ones to my sister.

Heat added they well worth the money
Disgusted I paid a tenner for the JML 1's.
addin some heat;)
Just bought some in Stevenage store - brilliant bargain!
my wife said there not even worth a pound! lol great price though in comparison
ooh fab will look for these on sunday thanks , was also reluctant to pay a tenner
O yes.
Very nice.
WTF is a BUM PET??????

O yes.Very nice.WTF is a BUM PET??????

OP got it wrong, it's actually Bum Pits
Will look for these tomoz! thanx!!!

O yes.Very nice.WTF is a BUM PET??????

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I got all excited over nothing.:(
A first I thought this was a voluminising insert for somewhere else
I assumed they were some sort of cleavage enhancer.
hahaha rofl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm surprised but glad to see the comments from other ladies. In my experience, I could never get these things to work. Its okay if you have masses of hair, and lots of layers cut in like the models. Also impossible if your parting goes down the back of your head since a layer of your hair has to cover the bumpits at the back without moving out of place all the time. I don't have any friends who have managed to have any success with them.

I don't have particularly thin hair but even the smallest one shows through since they have spikes coming out the top. Having had a slightly off-centre parting for the past 3 years my hair also does not fall the same way as shown on the models without lots of back-combing and hairspraying, but having to do that defeats the point of the inserts in the first case. They are supposed to be an easier, quicker and less damaging method than spraying and backcombing but require you to do it in any case!

Also if you watch the videos most the girls pin up the sides to make it look as though its not just a big bump in the back of their head with no volume at the sides. In reality it can look really bad if you don't get it just right. I guess its an art I personally could never master.

I wish all the ladies better luck than I had with them, at least now you can give it a try without forking out a tenner but I'm gonna stick to my spray and tail comb!
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